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Whistler's Pest Control Residential Pest Control Serving Greater Indianapolis with Emergency Exterminator & Pest Management Services. We treat every single pest removal job the way we would manage the job at our own home, with respect, and dependability. From fast pest removal to our FREE home inspections, we have you covered. Our Indianapolis based pest removal services are fast, friendly, and affordable.

We are the pest experts, and our technicians are the best in Indianapolis and throughout the region. We can handle all the most difficult of pest removal tasks. We use eco-friendly technologies, and we always offer our clients a FREE home or business inspection. We are skilled, and our customers come to us when they require any kind of pest removal services.

Your job will be completed swiftly and professionally. The technician will utilize the tools and treatments that was brought along with them to resolve your pest problem quickly and correctly. We understand that inspections can save you time and money while giving you the peace of mind that your Indianapolis home and property is pest free.

read more › The key to the ultimate pest control and protection is preventing an issue before it gets out of control and becomes a considerable problem. Let us keep your house free of bugs and rodents. Bugs, bees, wasps, mice, as well as rats, may be needed in the outdoor environment; but they become serious pests when they are in your home. They can seriously harm your house and create health problems for your loved ones At Whistler Pest Control we can kick those pests out and return your home to you. We will inspect for all types of pests and then treat your house for whatever kind may be plaguing you.

read more › We deliver residential pest control around your agenda. Contact Us Now. We are licensed and insured, plus all of our professionals receive constant training to stay up to date with the industry's present practices for the removal of pests from your house. When you speak with us your satisfaction is always guaranteed! We offer a wide range of professional services here at Whistler Pest Control Have a look below at a few of the things we can supply you with now. Help us keep your house free of bugs and rodents.

read more › It's never fun to find mice or rats (rodents) in your house. These rodents reproduce quickly and chew through wires and walls, destroying electronics and causing damage to your house. A rodent rat can squeeze through a quarter-sized hole, while a mouse can squeeze through a dime-sized hole! When it comes to mouse extermination, it's important to note that mice are naturally curious creatures. Rodent removal is a very long process, one that requires patience and communication with the removal technicians at Whistler Pest Control.

read more › Wasps and other stinging bugs become more aggressive as the weather warms up. If you have an active wasp nest, you can be sure that if you leave it alone, it will develop. Wasps, as you may know, can be extremely violent when disturbed. As a result, Wasp Exterminator I prefer to leave them alone. There are a lot of people who are allergic to wasp stings. For some, their allergies are so bad that if they are stung, they need immediate medical treatment. If the allergy is already known, an epipen is used to treat the reaction.

read more › Whistler Pest Control of Indianapolis provides residential and commercial customers in Indianapolis with the best quality Bed Bug Exterminator services. Bed bug and termite infestations have become a major issue and health concern in the Indianapolis area. We have the knowledge and expertise to deal with any extermination situation involving these or other pests, such as rats and roaches. Whistler Pest Control is highly skilled in bed bug extermination. We will recommend the best remediation solution for your particular situation and budget.

read more › Remember a few years back when a walk through the neighborhood would display ants of different sizes and colors? You may have noticed that you don't see the same variety of ants these days. This is due to the overpopulation of Argentine Ants, or "the perfect ant." Argentine ants act differently than most ants. When met by another colony most ants will fight, but not the Argentines! They will migrate together, forming a super colony. Insect identification is among the primary steps to preventing or eliminating an infestation.

read more › Finding out how to get rid of cockroaches as a pest rapidly is really essential as quickly as you see roaches in your house in Central Indiana. The little bugs are actually filthy and are known for carrying diseases with them when they choose to settle under your bed and refridgerator. Overlooking a cockroach problem indicates you could be putting members of your home or organization's home at threat. Even if the particular roaches in your house or business aren't carrying diseases, a cockroach problem will transfer droppings and dust from roach skins that will trigger allergic reaction and asthma issues.

read more › At Whistler Pest Control, we take great pride in keeping your home safe from year-round invaders and seasonal pests. Our technicians are dedicated to providing safe, environmentally friendly pest control in your home. They have extensive experience, are licensed, and are well-trained. In terms of outcomes, we simply guarantee them. If pest activity continues following a service call, we will return for free until the problem is resolved. If you're tired of fighting mosquitoes in your backyard all summer, there's a simple and effective product solution.

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