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Founded in 2014, Finally Pest Control is proud to offer professional residential and commercial pest management services to Indianapolis and the surrounding region of Indiana. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service with each and every service visit. We are here to help you solve your pest problems so that you can get back to living your life!

When pests invade your home, you need fast and reliable pest control to eliminate the problem and protect your family. We will work to solve your residential pest problems safely and effectively. Pests can destroy even the most robust business. Protect yours by partnering with Finally Pest Control. We'll provide a pest control plan to eliminate current pests and protect against future threats.

When you find pests in your home or business, you need the facts about them. Our pest library is a helpful resource guide, providing information on all the most common pests to invade Indiana homes and businesses.

read more › Founded in 2014, Finally Pest Control is proud to provide residential and commercial pest management service options to Indianapolis and surrounding areas. As a family-owned business, we love to help others by providing them with pest-free areas to live and work in. To request your free inspection or schedule your service, contact us today! As a former chemist at a large pharmaceutical company with a background in pesticides, our owner here at Finally Pest Control is uniquely qualified to make smart, healthy, and safe decisions regarding pest control treatments, methods, and products.

read more › When pests invade your home, they can steal your peace of mind and put your home and family at risk. Take back control of your home with the help of Finally Pest Control! To help resolve your pest problems, we'll eliminate any current pest pressures you're facing and ensure that your home and property remain pest-free far into the future. From one-time treatments to year-round pest control plans, we provide the quality pest control you need to get back your peace of mind and put a stop to your pest problems!

read more › Your business is a significant investment in time, money, and heart, and you don't want anything to threaten its success. Unfortunately, when pests invade, they do just that. A pest infestation can cost you money, stress, and in many cases, the reputation of your business. Whether you're concerned about a current infestation or want to prevent one from occurring at all, Finally Pest Control can help. We have the expertise to solve your pest problems and protect your Indianapolis business from the threat of pests.

read more › When pests invade, you want to know what you're dealing with. Whether you're surprised by a mouse when you open a cabinet door or discover an unknown bug outside your window, our pest library provides information on all of the most common pests in our area of Indiana, the dangers they bring, and what you should do about them. One of the most common and easy-to-identify household pests is the ant. In our area, the pavement ant and carpenter ant commonly invade yards and homes. Ants all have three distinct body regions: head, thorax, and abdomen.

read more › Finally Pest Control is proud to serve Indianapolis and the surrounding region of Indiana. Providing quality pest control to homes and businesses in the area, we consider exceptional service our top priority. If you'd like service from Finally Pest Control but don't see your town or city listed below, we may still be able to help, so contact us! The technicians were on time, very thorough, and friendly. Company even sent text messages regarding the treatments and arrival times! Needing pest control services isn't something to look forward to, but this company was amazing and I highly recommend them!

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