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When you work with Freedom Pest Control, our goal is to provide you with not only a service you need but one you can trust. Our mission is to protect your home, your family, and your business using only the most effective and safe methods of extermination. Along with integrity, we provide the experience you need when you are in the precarious situation of needing pest control services.

We take our profession seriously and are committed to making your property our priority no matter what the pest problem may be. We offer customized plans designed to fit your needs and your schedule. Was tired of being nice by catching and releasing every other day as that is not a routine that was going to improve, so needed an alternative. I phoned Freedom after I received an initial quote from someone else.

I spoke with Howard who took the time to explain anything and everything about mice that i needed to know. A person that is interesting in educating his customers is a person that I want to deal with as well as his pricing was much more affordable.

read more › When choosing a pest control company, many people look for the lowest rates to exterminate the critters that are ailing them. What's important to remember, however, is that when it comes to protecting your family, you never want to use a less-experienced professional just to save a few bucks. While all chemicals used to control pests are regulated by the State of Indiana, it's still important to have qualified, licensed, and intelligent personnel applying them. Located in Central Indiana, Freedom Pest Control's mission is to help residents, business owners, and property owners who have a pest, insect, or rodent problems.

read more › Freedom Pest Control is a top-rated and top-referred commercial pest control company serving central Indiana. Warehouse and Storage Pest Control - we service a number of commercial warehouse and storage buildings. Multi-family Housing Pest Control - including shelters, apartment complexes, and condominiums. Our exceptional growth in commercial pest control has been due to our superior service. Unlike many pest control companies, we do not pressure our clients into long-term contractual engagements.

read more › Freedom Pest Control is a top-rated and top-referred residential pest control company serving central Indiana. At Freedom Pest Control, we are dedicated to serving the needs of our neighbors in central Indiana. We've set ourselves apart from other businesses in our industry by providing honest, professional service to our customers. We don't believe in pressuring our customers into signing contracts for unnecessary services. Consider why Freedom Pest Control is the go-to choice of many residents in central Indiana.

read more › If you've got a family reunion, a barbecue, an outdoor concert, or a company event, nothing can ruin it faster than a swarm of mosquitos! Give us a call and we can come out and treat the area to ensure your event is free from pests! Whether your event is being held at work or in your backyard, we can pre-treat the area so that your guests can enjoy themselves rather than worry about getting stung - or worse - having a reaction to a sting. We service all of central Indiana! Be sure to give us a call in advance so we can ensure we have the appropriate approvals to treat the property.

read more › That pesky moving line of insects raiding your pantry is one of the world's strongest, most industrious pests. These social insects are found throughout the world in a huge variety of sizes and colors. While this pest is small, it can become a real nuisance when it invades your pantry or makes mounds of loose soil on your lawn. Luckily, an ant problem is easy to solve when you identify the species and choose the right control methods. Ants have colonized almost every landmass on planet earth. The only place ants don't seem to like is Antarctica.

read more › We would like to start off by saying that bees are a crucial species in our world. They provide the pollen that helps plants flower and grow! The problem is that when a colony of bees makes the decision to build a hive near your home, they can become a danger to your family and friends, especially if the hive is ever disturbed. Why is this a problem? It's because bees can be voracious defenders of their hives. They are a bit less aggressive than hornets or wasps but will attack a potential threat without hesitation.

read more › The beetle often gets a bad reputation as a dirty and an indestructible bug. However, there are more than 350,000 different species of this creature, and many are just as helpful as they are difficult to kill. For example, the dung beetle eats unnecessary waste from garbage and animals' fecal matter that would otherwise just sit and fester. Couldn't we all use a dung beetle or two to clean up after a big house party? Likewise, ladybugs, which are technically in the beetle family, are considered good luck in many cultures.

read more › Cyber security breaches, digital espionage, and corporate hacking that renders companies helpless are all very real and occur daily to businesses across the globe. These new threats began as a software bug and have evolved into more sophisticated attacks. Something that has not evolved, but has maintained its lethal threat to the hospitality industry is a different type of bug: the bed bug. It's a Growing Problem - 99.6% of pest professionals have treated for bed bugs in the past year. That number - which has been consistent for the past few years - is significantly higher than 15 years ago, when only 25% of pest professionals reported treating for bed bugs.

read more › Cockroaches might be able to survive a nuclear winter, but that doesn't mean Freedom Pest Control can't make your home or business a roach-free zone. There are five types of cockroaches that call Indiana home. They vary slightly in appearance and behavior, but are all large flat insects that are a brownish/dark color. They can move quickly, easily sending chills down our spines. Roaches like to hide in the daytime, and scurry away if disturbed in the darkness. They can be easily carried home in boxes, egg cartons, soda cases, and bags of potatoes.

read more › Even though it's one the many insects that leap, the cricket is known for its distinct chirping noise. Or, more often than not, it's the chirping sound that drives you to remove everything in the garage. The cricket features a flattened body and long feelers on its head. In general, it appears somewhat similar to a grasshopper. They are both of the order Orthoptera. While the field cricket is usually about 1 inch in length, the common house cricket is rarely bigger than inch on average. Whether you love it or hate it, ignoring the loud chirp of a cricket is not easy and hearing this noise in your garden is not unusual, especially on warm evenings.

read more › Not everyone is familiar with earwigs. They may have a vague memory of something from Star Trek dredged up from the long-ago past where one crawled into someone's ear and laid eggs in their brain. This is one of the most persistent urban legends about these creatures and it is patently false. This particular myth has been around since the Middle Ages and was no truer at that time than it is now. If you want to be grossed out, the insect most often found in the human ear is the cockroach. It's far more common to have another kind of insect find its way into your ear.

read more › Fleas are a terrible household pest. Don't let anyone fool you and have you believe they stick to pets. There is nothing like entering a house that has had an infestation and the starving little things jump and bite everything they can get their mouths on. This includes humans, so you can imagine that a problem with these pests can turn a peaceful living environment into a nightmare. Indiana is no stranger to these insects. Our beautiful forests and fields are great places for the evil little creatures to hide.

read more › Of all the wasps and bees in the state, hornets are among the most likely to cause stings in defense of their nest. These flying insects aren't native to North America, and only one species is currently found in central Indiana. However, this single species is a giant among wasps. European hornets are among the largest flying, stinging insects on the continent and are known for tapping on windows at night as they search for light. If you hear a gentle tapping and notice a few black and yellow stripes, you may be about to meet your first true hornet.

read more › If you're like most Central Indiana homeowners, you probably don't worry much about the critters that live outside of your home. But one day, you walk into your living room or pull down your bedsheets and suddenly our realize that the multi-legged creatures from the outside have decided to come inside to visit you. It's especially disturbing when you suddenly notice that millipedes have far too many legs and now make your home look like it has suddenly become the stage for a bad science-fiction show.

read more › The mosquito is a small winged insect that has habituated the planet for millions of years. These pests belong to the same group as the true flies, Diptera. Mosquitos have long, thin legs, and a single pair of wings. The head features a prominent proboscis. They can ruin a family barbecue and make simple summertime yard work unbearable. The good news is that only the female bites. The bad news is that it feels like there are very few male mosquitos in the world. Mosquitoes have the ability to sense carbon dioxide and lactic acid from about 100ft away.

read more › Mickey Mouse might be adorable, but we don't typically want the rest of his family moving into our homes. There are many types of rodents, and we will cover the more common ones that infest homes in Central Indiana here. The most common species of mice are known as the House Mouse. Coming in at less than one ounce in weight, they can be up to 4 in length, and a tail as long as their body. Mice have excellent hearing, vision, smell, and touch. These rodents are highly adaptable creatures who only need a tiny 1/4 opening to enter a building or private home.

read more › What you just saw is a common silverfish, Lepisma Saccharina for entomologists. The silverfish is a small silver-colored insect that seems to have a natural knack for hiding in the most unlikely places and wriggling out just when you are least in the mood to be surprised and grossed out. Because silverfish enjoy the same kinds of habitats people prefer, once established, they can be pretty hard to get rid of. In fact, for residents in this state, silverfish have become one of the most persistent and pervasive household pests, coming in at number eight on Purdue's list of the most "Common Household Pests."

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