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Witt Pest Control Our pest management team is happy to help you protect your home and family from termites, bed bugs or other pests with EPA approved products that are safe to use around your family and pets. Its staff consists of men and women dedicated to protecting Indianapolis and surrounding area homes and properties, who are thoroughly and continuously screened by the City of Indianapolis for reliability, honor, and health.

Having a team committed to risking their lives for Indianapolis homes and citizens helped Witt's Pest Control provide the highest quality and trustworthy pest services to our customers. Our pest control service technicians offer home pest control and commercial extermination services for carpenter ants, ants, bed bugs (bedbugs), bees, fleas, roaches (cockroaches), spiders, mice, and all general pests.

Our pest controllers use unmarked trucks and equipment to maintain your privacy. Call to arrange home pest inspections or to get a free phone quote. We can often offer one-day extermination services and always offer preventative pest services.

read more › Home pest control and commercial extermination is not just about keeping bugs out, it is about protecting your property from termites, carpenter ants and other destructive insects that can ruin your home and its property value. It is also about protecting your family and employees from invasive pests such as bed bugs, fleas, and mice that can spread disease or make it impossible to live comfortably. Witt's Pest Control is dedicated to protecting Indianapolis families and properties with reliable, effective, and discreet extermination of many types of pests.

read more › Residential and Commercial Extermination Services: Carpenter Ants, Ants, Bed Bugs, Bees, Fleas, Roaches, Spiders, Termites, Mice and all general pests. Witt's Pest Control offers residential and commercial pest management extermination services for a variety of home pests that can decimate property values, spread disease, or interfere with an individual's health and happiness. Home and business owners who have identified problematic pests can contact us for a free phone quote and one-time service.

read more › Regular home inspections and watching for springtime termites swarms are the best way for property owners to be on the guard against termites. Have Witt's Pest Control inspect your home annually. Annual inspections can prevent termites from causing structural damage to your home or business. Watch for termite swarms in spring. If you see one in your area, call Witt's to inspect your property for signs of infestation. If there is any chance termites are coming from your property, call us for an inspection as the damage termites are capable of can be enormous.

read more › Witt's Pest Control can provide you with a reasonably priced and effective Bed Bug service. Bed bugs (Bedbugs) have come back into our society, homes, and businesses. Though originally in hotels that catered to international travelers, they are highly contagious and can infest anywhere people or pets reside. Witt's Pest Control has been treating them in Indianapolis homes, schools, churches, nursing homes, and businesses with good success. These pests do not inhabit just beds. They can be found throughout a home and Bed Bugs can be tough to control.

read more › Rose Y. - Retired I feel comfortable using Witt's and appreciate the senior citizens discount they offer seniors. Witt's Pest Control is always punctual, courteous and very concerned with taking care of my pest problems in an affordable and helpful way. Witt's Pest Control has been taking care of our pest problems for 3 generations, we wouldn't use anyone else. I am always comfortable using Witt's they are local firefighters who always are true gentlemen and take the time to explain what they are going to do to solve my pest problems.

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