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Perseverance Pest Control We Identify Then Eliminate the Pests Inside, Build a Safe Protective Barrier From the Outside, and Make Sure They Do Not Come Back Again! I called out Perseverance Pest Control because the cleaning staff informed me we had a unit with bed bugs. I was getting quotes in the upwards of over $1000. The specialist at PPC Indy did a thorough inspection and he informed me it was not bed bugs.

He treated for general pests at a fraction of the cost of a bed bug treatment. Instead of not saying anything and charging me for bed bugs his honesty saved me money. Thanks for promoting morals, Perseverance Pest Control. I called around looking for someone to treat my group homes. It seemed like everyone I called wanted to put me on a list like a normal residential customer.

As a manager of multi-unit properties I need to be treated as a business and receive adequate response time. The staff at Perseverance Pest Control came out immediately and treated me with the highest of importance. I'm honored to join their Preferred Partner Program to maintain this incredible treatment.

read more › If you are like most, you have recently experienced one or more of these pests such as ants, spiders, rodents and cockroaches. We have treated many homes like yours, specifically for these pests, but we would also like to point out that bed bugs are becoming more common in Indianapolis than ever before. We have a mission to make sure your home and loved ones are protected from potentially damaging pests as well as the harmless pests. We take your safety seriously and it's our main priority when we come to treat your home!

read more › If you own or manage a commercial property, or are a business owner and are looking for commercial pest control services with safe and lasting results, then you've come to the right place. We work with an array of property management companies and commercial property owners directly, and also alongside many business owners throughout the Indianapolis area, and understand exactly what you need. We are determined to eliminate unwanted pests from your property or business. Schedule an Appointment with One of Our Professionally-Trained & Experienced Technicians Today!

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