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Pest Control Of Indianapolis Pest Control of Indianapolis offers custom built services the ensure the most effective pest control in the area. If you think you might have an infestation in your home, call us today! We serve clients in the Indianapolis, Indiana (Indy) area. We can provide you with the best solution for your residential and commercial rodent and insect problems.

Our experienced, certified exterminators can tackle any insect or rodent issue you may be experiencing. From annoying ants and flies to invasive rodents and roaches, we will come take care of the existing issues on your property and can advise (or provide regular treatments) on how to keep them away in the future. Pest Control of Indianapolis covers the greater Indy area with full service treatment and control.

Our team of professionals consists of experienced, trained individuals who enjoy what they do and enjoy helping properties remain bug-free year-round. Our prices are competitive and our solutions very effective and reliable. We are here to help you whether you need some information regarding a particular type of insect, have questions about a certain one, or want to schedule services with us.

read more › Aside from the typical as-needed services, we also offer timely service plans with no long-term contract required. We'll come out to your home (monthly, quarterly, etc.) and help to prevent pests from ever becoming a problem in your home. We offer effective solutions to control fleas, rodents, cockroaches, ants and so many more. We provide treatment services designed to prevent commercial buildings from being invaded by common crawling insects, rodents, and others. We can get rid of your existing bug problem, as well as prevent future problems.

read more › Pest infestations have been on the rise in the past few years. The pests are becoming more resilient to everyday treatments like over the counter products and DIY methods. Call us today if you think you have a problem! We specialize in providing extermination services that are designed to prevent commercial, government, and school buildings from being invaded by insects, rodents and pests. The majority of them can be quite troublesome to have for many business properties. Even worse is the panic or bad publicity caused by someone seeing rats or mice in your commercial space.

read more › We understand how valuable of an investment your home is and look forward to helping you keep it pest-free with quality solutions. Our treatment services are among the best in the area and our prices are very affordable. Many people assume that professional pest services are too expensive and out of their budget range but you might be surprised to learn just how affordable it can be. Depending on the pest you have, sometimes you will save a lot more money by having a professional exterminator handle the issue versus wasting your time and money on DIY solutions.

read more › Our goal is to make sure no one has to deal with ants ruining their family picnic ever again. If you have an ant problem, call us today! Let's face it, they are a very common pest that can be very annoying to have invade your property. They can be a nuisance to residential owners but a more serious concern for businesses because 'pest' issues in general can have a large impact on your reputation and brand. We encourage residents to consider a pest maintenance plan that helps prevent the onset of pest issues.

read more › There are a variety of bees you might be noticing around your property and sometimes the help of a pest control professional is required to safely control the particular ones you're dealing with. Our experts have experience with handling, controlling and removing them from properties all over the area. Some of them will build their nests in the ground and others will construct them in trees or on the eaves of your home. Not all of them will sting and some can sting multiple times while others can only sting once before dying shortly after.

read more › Our team of professional exterminators is here to help you with any beetle infestation you might have. Contact us today for help! Having issues with beetles? While not all of them can cause damage they can all be annoying if they find their way inside your property. You likely don't want to share a space with uninvited guests so when you're faced with a bug problem it's time to call our Indianapolis pest control experts. Our solutions are designed to help you eliminate the existing beetles and our exterminators can help you keep them out by identifying possible entry points that need to be addressed.

read more › While the biggest complaint we receive from residents dealing with crickets invading their property is just how noisy these pests are, some of them can also cause damage to your property. The males are those that chirp and this is typically the first thing property owners notice. The second way to learn you have a cricket problem is by discovering them all throughout your property. They can damage your fruits, veggies, paper, silk and wool. They can cause a loss of sleep because of their consistent chirping at night while you're trying to get some rest.

read more › When many people think of the tiny, jumping pests known as fleas, they typically then think of animals or their pets. Why? Because we all too often associate their infestations with animals and our own beloved pets. If you have pets they should be protected at all times from fleas and ticks. When you start noticing these particular pests in your home or place of business, it's definitely time to take action. Living with pests is frustrating enough but when it's fleas, you'll likely become far more frustrated and bothered because they infest quickly and will feed on people, not just animals.

read more › Flies are extremely annoying and can cause a lot of stress in your residential or commercial property. Please call us asap if you have a fly problem. They're probably one of the grossest pests, based on the feedback of our customers. Fly tape might be effective at catching a lot of flies but who wants to look at a bunch of flies hanging around their property? While home remedies for them might help for a shot time, if you seem to have invasions more often than not there could be a larger, underlying issue causing your fly problems.

read more › These particular insects can be very disturbing to discover, but it does happen, and when it does our expert exterminators are here to help you safely and effectively eliminate them. They can inflict a lot of pain when they sting you but they can also be beneficial in that they prey on many other insects around the property. Unfortunately, they are not worth keeping around just to control your 'other' pests hanging around. They are very aggressive when it comes to guarding their colony and are very territorial.

read more › Most people are aware that mice can carry disease and transmit these diseases to humans, but did you know they can also cause other pest issues to form? For instance, they could easily be infested with ticks or fleas and once they invade your property. You then become at risk for an issue with not just mice, but with ticks and fleas as well. They are not the easiest pests to get rid of and can become quite expensive when using DIY methods if you have a significant mouse infestation. Our professional technicians can better inform you of potential entry points and suggest more ways to further prevent future ones.

read more › If you have kept up with the news lately you know that mosquitoes are becoming a larger problem in the Indianapolis area, along with other areas across Marion County. They will eagerly establish breeding grounds among stagnant or standing water. What many people don't realize is by eliminating any of these water sources around the property, you can greatly reduce their population. We understand people who love decorating their lawns might have bird baths or fountains. This is fine, but it's important to remember that these need to be cleaned regularly to avoid mosquitoes inhabiting the stagnant water.

read more › Rats, like mice, can be a huge and harmful nuisance to have in your home or any property for that matter. They can carry very harmful diseases and transmit them to you or the occupants of the property, causing health problems in addition to a potential infestation. If you notice their feces, actually see a rat or hear them (often at night) you likely have them in your home. Their feces is larger than mouse feces and is just one way to differentiate one from the other. Because they are larger than mice, naturally their feces is too.

read more › Stink bugs are not the most intimidating in appearance but they sure can be a smelly pest to endure. As their name suggests, if you smash or step on them you will notice the foul odor they emit. They also put off this unpleasant odor when they feel threatened as a defense mechanism. Homes and properties on or near farms and gardens will likely see more stink bugs. You will mostly notice them outside during the warmer months but as the cold approaches you might start seeing them in your property.

read more › They can easily become problematic if treatment is not enforced soon after noticing an issue. While many properties with pets are definitely at higher risk for a tick problem, if you have any wild animals or critters traipsing through your yard you could have them show up unexpectedly. Our exterminators can help put your mind at ease and protect you from these disease carrying pests. We do advise that properties with pets make sure their pets are treated and protected from ticks as well. Call our licensed exterminators today at (317) 759-7670 to receive more information regarding our quality control solutions.

read more › If you have come across a wasp nest (or several) or just have a lot of them hanging around your property, or maybe some have found their way inside, our exterminators can help you get relief in a safe manner. They are very dangerous to those who are allergic to stinging insects. Sometimes people mistake other stinging insects for wasps so in the event you aren't sure exactly what kind of bug it is, our pest experts can come to your property and determine this for you. They have the ability to sting more than once.

read more › Don't live with invasive pests and call on our professional exterminators for quick and effective relief. We provide a wide variety of quality pest control services to eliminate a wide variety of bugs, insects and rodents from your home, business or property. Some pests are more damaging than others but we encourage property owners to enforce a preventative pest plan to ensure an infestation never occurs.

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