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Jersey City Exterminators Bed bug Problem? Rat Infestation? Ants? Mice? Termites? Need a roach exterminator? Your home is your sanctuary - call the best exterminator in Jersey City to keep it that way. Your home is the place where you and your family are supposed to feel safe and comfortable. When that space is invaded by anything that is not invited, it feels like you've been violated and it can affect your state of mind.

We can't do anything about your mother-in-law showing up uninvited, but it's our job to keep out any other uninvited guests who happen to wander in without your permission. We are exterminators serving Jersey City. We are dedicated to protecting your living space, your office, or any property that you may own from the pests that intrude into your residential living and working area.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality and timely pest control exterminator service to our clients in Jersey City and throughout Northern New Jersey. We pride ourselves on listening carefully to our customers, responding quickly, and offering the very best advice and treatment available.

read more › Over 20 years ago, we started our company because we felt that the pest control companies that we hired to solve our problems didn't care about us. They would show up late, go through the motions, do the same thing over and over again, and always get lackluster results. They charged too much and generally did not get the job done. Not only was there a lack of professionalism with all the exterminators that we hired, but there was an overall lack of interest in the profession, in the skill set necessary to get a pest control job done correctly and provide real value to the customer.

read more › We always say.we love what we do, because it directly improves the lives of our customers. And that's what makes our job worth it! Comprehensive bed bug inspections, with K-9 Inspections available, and provide you with a comprehensive report upon request. We will execute bed bug remediation. For landlords, we can teach you to spot telltale bed bug markings on mattresses, teach you how to spot the eggs, read the signs, and put you in a position to ascertain if your bed bug problem was likely caused by a tenant - which can allow you in some cases to pass along remediation costs to them.

read more › As difficult as it may be to differentiate a bed bug bite from other insect bites, there are clues to confirm the presence of bedbugs in your home. Bed bugs bite, so you will likely see blood smears on the sheet, an itchy welt on the skin and small red bumps that can vary in size and can be clumped together in lines of three. If you carry out a meticulous search of your home, you'll most likely see this tiny creature lurking around any small and dark area within close proximity to your sleeping surface including the bedding, cabinet, carpet, box springs, clothing, baseboard and electrical outlet.

read more › Of all the pests that invade our homes and workplaces, Cockroaches are one of the most prevalent. Almost everyone is accustomed to the oval and flat-bodied shape of the household cockroache. This shape is an evolutionary feature that helps cockroaches squeeze into all kinds of crevices and cracks. Cockroaches are mostly nocturnal insects since they prefer foraging for food, water, and mates at night making. Remember, that cockroaches have remained unchanged for millions of years. On an evolutionary scale, they are essentially perfect.

read more › Termites are ant-like, small, social insects that differ from ants and live in colonies. They are considered as the top threat to homes in the US. The risk of termite damage is greater than flood, wind, or fire. They can ruin the foundation of your home in just a few years. The signs and symptoms of other pest infestations are visible. But, the infestation of termites is not even noticeable in the initial few years. As they do not come with a warning. They cause severe damage to your home once you notice the infestation.

read more › Are you looking for a pest company that will help you eradicate different types of ants that have infested your home? Our company has been solving serious ant infestations for ten years and we have learned how to do it rapidly, effectively, and on a cost-effective budget. We want to help you to understand the different types of ants that may infest your home, how ant infestation usually occurs as well as the different techniques our company has at its disposal to solve these problematic ant infestations.

read more › If you live in an area that has wet spring and summers you know how many insects show up at that time. Along with the insect population comes the rise of the population. Why? Because spiders feed on insect and will gravitate to areas where they are plentiful. Spiders have been called natural pest controllers we shouldn't be killing them. Unfortunately, spiders inspire fear. It could have something to do with how popular media portrays them and their bites. Either way, most people do not like sharing their homes with spiders and would want to remove them as any other pests.

read more › Fleas are tiny, wingless insects that feed on the blood of animals and humans. They prefer to feed and live on animals such as cats and dogs. But, they also consider humans as their source of food. Lots of different types of flea species can be found. They have their own favored hosts as well. The mouth parts of these blood sucking insects have adapted to pierce the skin. These bites appear as reddish-brown in color. They live outdoors in glass and latch onto the body of warm-blooded creatures that passes through the area.

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