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Ecowise Pest Control We are a fully licensed, certified, and insured pest control management company. Our presence in the industry goes back 20 years. We've been Green since the beginning. When you want someone experienced in getting rid of pests by using innovation and care, contact Ecowise. Ecowise is committed to ridding homes and businesses of unwanted pests while employing products with the lowest environmental impact possible.

We're the only NYC pest control option when looking for effective and environmentally safe ways to get rid of infestations. Change starts with the little stuff. Those insects and rodents crawling around your home or business, we get rid of those little things, and we do it in a way that eliminates both the pests and the environmental impact associated with commonly used conventional insecticides.

We've been in the green pest control business for two decades, long before demand for green services grew to the point that many other businesses got on board. That's why we're the experts.

read more › That old saying sums up our approach to pest control. Not to say that we don't handle problem infestations. Using integrated pest management, we do an amazing job getting rid of insects and rodents no matter their number. But once they're gone, you should have the benefit of maintaining a location free of pests at a low cost and with minimal effort. Identifying and eliminating conditions that attract pests is the Green practice we like best - you are getting the most natural pest control possible!

read more › Why use our commercial pest management services? We know the neighborhood. No insects or rodents move in that we don't know about. Once we locate their breeding sites, we formulate a plan, execute that plan, and get rid of them. Inside the deep dark recesses of our secret lair, we keep our own state-of-the-art laboratory (it's actually our business office and the lab is very well lit). Here we test and develop green pest treatments aimed at the specific contents of the local population. We service many types of businesses and have specialized knowledge of the kinds of insects and rodents your particular operation will attract.

read more › Your home is the most important place in your life. Protection and comfort are a priority. Nothing should interfere with that. Pests, for one, are an unwelcome sight. Don't tolerate them a moment longer. With our residential pest control, they can be sent away without risking your health or the environment. Ecowise practices something called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). It's a big buzzword, we know. But behind that buzzword is a pretty simple concept. Simply stated, IPM is the practice of taking into account all pest control options and putting into practice those that will reduce the pest population while doing the least harm to the environment and the least inconvenience to residents.

read more › Get in touch to schedule a comprehensive, no obligation consultation. You can call or text us at 212-756-9996 or toll free at 888-600-1649. We also provide 24/7 emergency services in the NYC area. We serve communities all over the greater New York City area, including Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, the Bronx, Long Island and areas of NJ, CT, and PA.

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