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Our roots are in expert pest management, not in advertising, and we believe in focusing on what we do best. Our commitment to excellence as an exterminator begins with our people. We hire only the most qualified technicians in order to ensure that our customers get the best service they expect and deserve. Every technician is a proven commercial exterminator, with extensive experience delivering the absolute best pest control.

We put pro-active communication at the core of our pest control service. We get to know our customers, so we can offer customized commercial pest control solutions that meet each facility's unique needs and challenges. We believe that delivering the highest quality results as an exterminator relies on much more than just providing a pest-free environment.

If you've discovered unwanted visitors in your home, you may be searching for a way to get them out! Mid America Pest Control, we understand that pests in your home can feel uncomfortable for you and your family.

read more › Your family deserves to feel safe and comfortable in your home, and the key to success in a pest management program is directly dependent upon the quality of the people that deliver the service. That's why we provide extensive training and continued education on the most advanced products and pest management techniques to our technicians. Our customer service team greets you by name and makes an effort to answer any questions or concerns. As a result, you get the best service from expert technicians you can trust!

read more › Mid America Pest Control offers a full range of pest control services, from residential to commercial, and everything in between. Mosquito and tick control, termite control, bed bug treatments; these are just a few of our pest control services. We start with the pests biology and look at all avenues of control, not just pesticides, to eliminate the insects or pests that are interfering with your health, happiness and your home or business. We learn the latest methods and techniques so we get the best results.

read more › Proper pest control entails taking action to prevent an infestation from happening in the first place, around the clock, every single day of the year. Control entry points, such as moldings, wooden window and door frames, as well as, cracks in the wall and between boards on any wooden floors you may have. Clean up that attic and cellar! Bed bugs love to hide away in clutter, which is why it is crucial to sort and get rid of it on a regular basis. Preventing a bed bug infestation can be exhausting and time-consuming, especially if you own sizable property, such as a hotel or a hospital.

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