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Stop Pest Control Stop Pest Control of NY, Inc. has been offering complete pest control services to the New York City and surrounding area since 1977. We are dedicated to leading the industry in environmentally friendly and alternative pest control techniques. We provide pest control solutions for your office, home or business. We recognize the health of the planet is very important therefore many of the products we use are eco-friendly.

These products are applied in conjunction with our low environmental impact Integrated Pest Management (IPM) policy. Identifying a customer's need by site inspections will then enable a comprehensive treatment strategy utilizing the least toxic options available.

Stop Pest Control of N Y, Inc. is a New York City based pest control company providing exterminating services for insects (i.e.: cockroaches, ies, ants, bed bugs, etc.) and rodents ( mice and rats). We also provide and install pigeon proong devices. Our company was licensed to perform this work in 1977 the same year we were chartered and established

In the past decade, bed bugs have begun making a comeback across the United States. The widespread use of baits rather than insecticide sprays for ant and cockroach control is a factor that has been implicated in their return. Bed bugs are blood feeders that do not feed on ant and cockroach baits. International travel and commerce are thought to facilitate

RODENTS: Each year the cost of combating rodents continues to rise. In our rural areas crop damage caused by field rodents has a dramatic effect on the price we pay for our food. In our urban areas a constant, costly battle is ensued daily to combat against rodents. In all areas, the threat to the health of the population is evident by the increasing

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