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Aztec Organic Pest Control Aztec Organic Pest Service effectively handles all of your pest problems with minimal impact on you and your environment. We specialize in long-lasting treatments using products in a way that effectively kills bugs but has no impact on people. No contracts are needed. We treat more than once a year about as often as we skip years between treatments.

Aztec's philosophy is to provide the most effective pest control service available, having the least negative impact on people and the environment here in Austin, Texas. We use a combination of the least toxic and most effective pest control products available. We originally offered pest control using only natural, "organic" pest control products.

While we still offer that service, we now combine those products with a low-toxicity, odorless, synthetic pyrethrin (crushed chrysanthemum flower), offering a longer-lasting residual effect. Aztec Organic Pest Service does a thorough job the first time, eliminating the need for quarterly treatments.

read more › We specialize in long-lasting treatments using organic pest control products in a way that effectively kills bugs with no impact on people. We dont employ salespeople (aka inspectors) and we give instant bids over the phone for most services. Our precise application controls target pests with minimal impact on beneficials, keeping a harmonious balance in your yard. Our technicians have been with us on the average of 17 years they are intelligent, well-paid and take responsibility for their jobs.

read more › We believe in providing long-lasting, low toxicity pest control whether it is ant control or cockroach control. We are very precise in our application, resulting in effective, long-lasting treatments. We guarantee (meaning we provide 1 or more free returns) most services for 3 months. We offer advice on other things that can be done to reduce pest problems. Instead of recommending contracts, we advise our customers to call us when they need us. Customers use us more than once a year about as often as they use us once every 4 or 5 years.

read more › We use many naturally derived products but our main focus is using products with low toxicity that offer a long lasting residual effect. Most pest control products have a signal word on the label to categorize the toxicity of the product (Caution, Warning and Danger). Caution means the product is slightly toxic if eaten, absorbed through the skin, inhaled, or it causes slight eye or skin irritation. Some of the products we use are exempt from displaying signal words because they are so low in toxicity, and none have a label stronger than Caution.

read more › If you have an experience that's anything below 5 star service, please let us know how we can make it a 5 star service! As Autumn arrives here in Austin, there are some simple steps you can take to reduce insect activity in and around your home. In this article we'll give you some pest prevention tips regarding roaches. Late summer and fall are common times for crickets to become a problem around homes in Austin. Usually these are field crickets though we have seen the larger camel crickets also.

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