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BrockStar Pest Services BrockStar Pest Services is your go-to hometown team that will rid your space of unwelcome invaders. Our services are safe, effective, fast, and competitively priced. Our team can handle every pest that Texas has to throw at us. So, what are you waitin' for? Let's get started. Noisy neighbors don't compare to unwanted roommates likes bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, etc.

We just bought a new home in north Austin and had a recommendation to use BrockStar Pest Services. Just had Brock come by the house and do a treatment on interior and exterior of the house. He was prompt, . Spoke to Brock on the phone. Really nice guy who doesn't mind taking the time listening to your needs and setting out a. good game plan for your treatment.

Only a day later Colby, one of Brock's employees, came by. He was a really nice guy as well. They really know their craft and are passionate and good at what they do. They guarantee their work and whereas some companies might want to bamboozle you into monthly treatments, Brock even said those weren't necessary and I'm doing the bimonthly checkup plan.

read more › Getting to know my clients is extremely important to me and what sets us apart from the other guys. Austin Pest Control experts, BrockStar offers fast, effective pest extermination, with hassle-free scheduling and diligent follow-up, all at a competitive price. With 20 years of experience "Keep'n it Local" as Austin's favorite Pest Control Specialist, BrockStar Pest Services is your go-to team to rid your space of unwelcome guests (except in-laws, you're on your own with them).

read more › Termite pest control services are another area in which BrockStar thrives. Here's why: termites are small but mighty. A termite infestation can cause major damage to your home, resulting in safety hazards and expensive repairs. Here in Texas, our hot, humid climate puts us, particularly at risk. So, how do you know if these tiny terminators are taking a bite out of your most important investment? Here at BrockStar Pest Services, we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to termites. We can safely and effectively rid your residence of these unwanted guests, while setting your mind at ease with our superior customer service and family- and pet-friendly methods.

read more › Have you been hearing the pitter-patter of little feet? Rat and mouse infestation can include several species, such as Norway rats, roof rats, house mice, or even the Texas mouse. Our state's namesake is an especially clever little fella (naturally), but he and his friends can cause serious safety hazards and spread harmful diseases. You may never actually see a critter, but if you've noticed any of the signs above, act fast. The size of a rat or mouse infestation can skyrocket in just a few months.

read more › We really love our fur children, sometimes even more than our human kids (don't judge). So, when fleas and ticks threaten your four-legged family members, we here at BrockStar take it personally. How do you know if your pets have these common parasites? Fleas and ticks don't just threaten our pets; they can transmit serious diseases to humans, too. Not to mention, here in Texas, our warm climate allows them to thrive year-round. Lucky for Mrs. McFlufferton (seriously, don't judge), BrockStar Pest Services specializes in safe, proven, people-and-pet-friendly methods to control fleas and ticks.

read more › Sure, they star in a famous nursery rhyme, but bed bugs aren't cute or cuddly. These tiny insects feed on human blood (ew), and though they're smaller than a seed, they can quickly grow into a big problem. Bed bugs are experts at playing hide-and-seek, and they can be present even in a sparkling clean home. What are the signs that you have a bed bug problem? Look closely for the signs above, and not just where you sleep. In addition to mattresses, bed bugs are associated with second-hand and vintage items, and they often hitch a ride with frequent travelers.

read more › Ah, Texas weekends. They're all about ball games, brisket, cold drinks ants. Like the unofficial mascot of the southern backyard, the red imported fire ant loves to crash a flag football match, and he never met a barbecue he couldn't turn into a total bust. Do not attempt to clear fire ant mounds yourself. These insects swarm aggressively, resulting in painful, even dangerous, bites. Fire ant elimination should be left to the professionals, and nobody protects backyards like BrockStar.

read more › Mosquitos may be minuscule, but what starts with a little scratch can soon turn into a big, swarming problem. In addition to causing itchy, burning bites, mosquitoes are also known to spread Zika and West Nile viruses, among other illnesses. What are the signs you might have a mosquito problem? Mosquitos love the heat and humidity, making Texas a major hotspot for mosquito infestation. The next time you spot one of these biting buzzers, put BrockStar to the pest-er, test. You can trust our safe, effective, family- and pet-friendly mosquito control services to protect your backyard bliss.

read more › Wasp nest removal is something we know a thing or two about. Unlike the comparatively sweet honeybee, wasps are aggressive predators. From yellow jackets to mud daubers to paper wasps, these insects are equally at home both indoors and outdoors, and they're known for being easily provoked. Before you go nosing around that unidentified nest, look out for the following signs. A single wasp can sting multiple times, and wasp stings can be extremely dangerous to those who are allergic. If you suspect a wasp infestation, don't wait for a sting to spring into action.

read more › Residential pest control services is something BrockStar Pest Services knows a thing or two about. Here's the deal. We're waging a war on pests invading your home. Your home is your haven. It's where you sleep, where your family shares their meals, and where you can relax on a warm day with a cool drink in the yard. Unless you have a pest problem. From mice to mosquitoes, termites and more, if you are experiencing a pest infestation in your home, BrockStar Pest Services has you covered. We're second to none when it comes to ensuring a pest-free residence.

read more › Commercial pest control services aren't something one normally top of mind. Alas, nothing kills the mood at a business celebration like buzzing flies. And who can balance the books while monitoring for mice? All jokes aside, however, rodent and insect infestations are no laughing matter when it comes to your business. Pests can bite, sting, and transmit illnesses to your customers and coworkers. In addition to health and safety hazards, you could also be facing code violations and steep fines - not to mention, bad online reviews.

read more › Multi-family housing may include noisy neighbors. And that's not the worst of it. When it comes to multi-family housing, pest control problems can cause more headaches than shouting, stomping, and blaring stereos combined. We understand you're busy and pests are the last thing you or your family need to worry about. BrockStar Pest Control Services knows how to rid your space of pests - fast and safely! Sadly, unwanted pests are often able to migrate from one unit to the next in apartment complexes, dorms, and duplexes.

read more › WDI Inspections: hidden costs of homeownership. Though they may not be immediately visible to the naked eye, many types of wood-destroying insects can wreak havoc on your home. A WDI (Wood Destroying Insect) Inspection is essential to identify termites, carpenter ants, and certain types of beetle infestations that can cause costly damage and serious safety hazards. WDI (Wood Destroying Insect) Inspections are also recommended prior to starting renovations in any area of your home. Identifying these damaging pests can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs down the road.

read more › With home seal-up services we are waging a war on unwanted rodents making their way into your space. Rodents are escape artists. Whether it is around a door, fireplace, pipes, vents, or crawl space, these nimble ninjas will find a way into your home. Especially during the cold winter months. So, how do you prevent these rodents from making your home - their home? The professionals fom BrockStar Pest Services can help you identify gaps or holes outside of your home and the best plan for sealing and preventing the entrance of unwanted rodents.

read more › Building or home construction can be a large financial undertaking. As the Texas housing market continues to grow, many builders and developers are looking at pest pretreatment to prevent the appearance of termites. Through proactive practices like pest pretreatment, builders and developers can offer peace of mind to prospective residents. Brockstar Pest Services offers long-lasting, safe, and affordable pretreatments to the soil in the early stages of construction. By applying multiple treatments to the soil a barrier is established to prevent termites from entering the residence or commercial property.

read more › Austin Pest Control services are our jam because the city is our home and we are proud to serve other Austinites that want a home rid of unwanted guests. Because we are local we understand the natural elements that affect our area such as bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, rodents, termites and spiders. Whether you need pest control, an exterminator, or pest management, BrockStar Pest Services is here to help! With over 20 years of experience, our team at BrockStar Pest Services has been providing our clients in the Austin area, affordable, effective and friendly pest control services.

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