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Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control Rid your home and yard of dangerous and annoying pests with our effective, long-lasting pest control solutions! Effective treatments combined with affordable rates make our service the best value in town! Our naturally superior pest solutions will protect your home and yard from dangerous and annoying pests. Get started today by calling us or requesting a free quote online!

read more › We are committed to delivering the most effective pest prevention in and around your home and minimizing the hazards of exposure that can be associated with traditional pest control. We believe homeowners should not have to put their health or the environment in jeopardy to achieve pest free living. Here are some significant ways we accomplish our goal of providing healthy, effective pest control to our customers. Apply a natural, low impact interior application designed to both bait and repel insects thus forcing them outside the home.

read more › Barefoot proudly features the only 99% natural solution that reduces mosquitoes by up to 95% guaranteed! Developed right here in Texas, our proprietary blend of ingredients controls mosquitoes more effectively than any other method, and we accomplish the highest rated service by using the most gentle approach available. Our solution will reduce the amount of mosquitoes with each application. Each treatment will kill a significant portion of the mosquitoes residing on the property. Our proprietary blend of natural plant oils proven to repel mosquitoes adds an additional barrier against mosquitoes that no other mosquito control company provides.

read more › Termites have long been the leading cause of home damage in Texas for decades. Termites live deep underground and emerge to the surface to consumer wood. Termites are drawn to manufactured wood like fences, decks, sheds and most importantly, the wood frame of your home. The best way to protect your most valuable possession is through proactive prevention. Barefoot offers two different ways to protect your home against these invaders while minimizing our eco footprint. We accomplish complete termite protection in the following 2 ways.

read more › Barefoot employs the most effective eradication of bed bugs anywhere! Bed bugs can be extremely difficult to eliminate because their eggs can remain dormant for up to 1 year. Eggs can be deposited inside wall voids and other cracks and crevices making complete eradication a challenge for both homeowners and pest control companies. Barefoot's bed bug control is guaranteed to eliminate the problematic areas. Unlike many of our competitors, we use a variety of control methods to ensure that every life cycle of the bed bug including those eggs deposited throughout the house are completely eliminated such as the following.

read more › Barefoot Mosquito & Pest Control's staff are experts in helping to create the perfect bug free environment for your outdoor event. Texas is home to many of the most desirable outdoor locations to host weddings, retreats, graduation parties and corporate events. Besides bad weather, biting insects like mosquitoes, chiggers, ants, and even flies can quickly ruin an event. Unfortunately, we can't do anything about the weather, but the good news is we can control the insects for your event before it starts giving you the peace of mind to plan your party without the unwanted guests.

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