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Private Exterminator Need Help with Bed Bugs? Call us now as we are one of the professional bed bug exterminators in NYC and all our bed bug service comes with 90 days warranty. So call us now to make your home bug free. Wether it is roaches or water bugs we treat all. Our roach service comes with 90 days warranty. We use all advance techniques to exterminate roaches and to make sure that you are roach free.

So call NYC Exterminator now. We use Sentricon Always Active for termite treatments in NYC and it also comes with 10 year warranty. So keep your property protected with our termite protection plan. For more information on our service contact us. Eliminating the unwanted pests from your property has now become easy with Private Exterminator.

Effective, eco-friendly pest control service demands high technical expertise and dedicated research along with constant innovation, and these are the traits that are acquired by our Exterminator.By understanding the priorities of our customers and offering consistent, reliable service, our experts deliver this comprehensive know-how at all the areas.

read more › Rats in kitchen, Mice in upper floor, Cockroaches in lavatory and Bedbugs in bedroom- these are nothing but the common problems in every household. And these infestations will pass on diseases, taint the water and foodstuff, cause harm to property and raise the utility bills. Regardless of what kind of rodent or bug is troubling you, Exterminator NYC is ready to assist you with any vermin issue. Cockroaches create a number of threats to your building. They are the common carriers of various diseases that cause bacteria, and they pollute anything they touch.

read more › Alarming Fact: Bed bugs removal in the city of New York has been rising steadily since more than 10 years, with a dramatic rise since 2006! This fact is alarming because bed bugs were a remote issue, not to be encountered in the United States until a few years ago. In fact, they were totally removed after World War II. Well, the bugs are now back! This means your home and its family members can have them from anywhere. This is why we as a bed bug exterminator NYC are here to give foolproof protection from them.

read more › These are the reasons why rats or mice should be removed from your home or office, if there is even one. It is agreeable that it is easy to remove them by using the mouse catchers or taps. However, this method may take some time. Further, even if you catch one and throw it out, there is no guarantee that your dwelling or commercial area will not be infested again. After all, rats multiple quickly and can cause an array of diseases such as plague, rat-bite fever, and even meningitis. Apart from that, rats are often responsible for transferring disorders from animals to humans and to other animals such as pets.

read more › Alarming Facts: Each year, ants cause around $5billion worth of damage in United States. The National Pest Management Association, (NPMA) have agreed that ants rank first in the list of nuisance pests in the country. You might not be able to think so about these small pests. However, once they infest your home or office, you really want them to be away. Seen usually in red and black color, ants are quite adaptable to different surroundings. This is because of their exceptional teamwork skills that keep them thriving almost in any building of this world.

read more › Alarming Facts: Fleas tend to be dormant for long periods, live in several household items, and jumps up to 8 feet that is over 125 times their actual height. If you are a pet lover, you shall certainly not like to keep fleas in your home although they appear small and least harmful. We as fleas exterminator NYC experts ensure you green and foolproof removal of fleas, irrespective of where you live in the New York City. You might be thinking that adult fleas are the biggest problem but they only make up a part of that concern.

read more › Unbelievable but Alarming Facts: The World Health Organization (WHO) considers roaches as carriers of the germs causing diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, leprosy, dysentery, and several viral diseases. These pets have been living on our planet since more than 400 million years and that they can survive without food for a month, run at a speed of 3 mph, survive without its head, and can hold its breath for almost 40 minutes. Well, these facts simply indicate that it is not easy to get rid of roaches forever, for a householder or business owner.

read more › Alarming Facts: Termites eat wood incessantly 247, the damage of which is not covered by home insurance policies. Each year, the damage done is more than the natural hazards, which means termites endanger the structural integrity. Further, each year more than $5 millions are used in their remediation. Extreme asset loss! This is what termites give us! They work intangibly and silently, digging your floor beams, cutting the walls, sinking your woodwork, and masking the destruction done until several days.

read more › According to NY State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), the citizens may think that encountering a wild animal in their homes is uncommon but the number of such encounters have increased due to urbanization in the natural habitats of animals. It is obvious that spotting a squirrel on your window or in yard is upsetting although looking at the same on the woods is exciting. It is a fact that wildlife nuisance is on the rise in the NYC, with several animals scurrying through the yards, lawns, and parks.

read more › Pests are really a serious matter of concern. No matter what preventative measures you take, the bugs are enough strong to affect your building at some point. But now, stop worrying about those pests because Exterminator NYC eliminates all the unwanted creatures from the entire space quickly and caringly. Whether it is your corporate building or residential structures, Exterminator NYC will never fail to wipe out the pests. Your abode is your great castle, whether it is any show-stopping manor or a small condo.

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