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Entex Pest is owned and operated by professional entomologists. Our team is trained unlike any other. Formal education combined with years of actual experience has forged patient teachers who communicate customer service first. This scientific emphasis guarantees a thorough, comprehensive inspection every time, followed by a customized treatment plan designed just for your unique pest issue.

No two households are the same. That's why our trained, experienced entomologists design a treatment specifically for your home and its exact pest problem. There are no cookie-cutter pest treatments here! Entex Pest professionals tailor product usage to your family's specific environmental and health concerns. We also recommend the least toxic product approach, giving you and your loved ones the peace of mind you need.

Deep knowledge of insects and their biology is the foundation of a successful pest management program. Technicians must have thorough training to protect your property in the most effective way.

Over the last 20 years, pest management has been simplified by most companies to a "one size fits all" model where technicians cannot identify commonly encountered pests and are not capable of intensive integrated pest management solutions. Mostly gone are the truly superior pest control companies which operate on knowledge, training and a dedication

Most of today's commercial pest service goes something like this: Twenty minutes of service time, a technician who cannot answer questions, a receipt or service ticket that does not communicate anything, and a signature request followed by, "See you next month." Entex Pest Solutions provides scientifically sure pest protection for your business. Our

Since the beginning of civilization, humans have suffered the ill effects brought about by rodents in and around their homes and buildings. At Entex Pest Solutions, our professionals study the biology of these commensal rodents to learn the most effective and least invasive methods to rid your home or business of these unsanitary intruders. Our tailored

Greenbelt areas, wildlife corridors, large parks, and riparian areas make our North Texas cities wonderful places to live for both people and wildlife. Since our homes and neighborhoods are surrounded by these beautiful green spaces, urban wild animals occasionally move into our homes, buildings, offices and other structures, creating property damage

Termites perform beneficial processes for the environment of North Texas, but feeding on your home isn't one of them. No wood-eating insect is more destructive to North Texas homes than the subterranean termite. These insects often go completely unseen, hiding inside moldy and rotting wood, and cause thousands of dollars in damage to homes across this

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