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We are the leading pest control provider in Dallas. Our company provides Residential and Commercial Services with a mission to protect our locals. No matter what kind of trouble you're having to deal with, give our specialists at Dallas Exterminator & Pest Control a call today to put your problem to rest! You will find our staff honest, easy to work with, and professional.

All of our specialists are skillfully trained and certified and most of them are experts explicitly in private vermin control. Consistently, we have helped people dispose of their termites, bugs, and cockroaches. Nevertheless, this is not the only thing we can do. Our professionals are amazingly adaptable which enables them to deal with any issue you may be having.

Dallas Exterminator offers great assistance at a decent cost. Our commercial technicians can treat any pest problem your business or organization might be having. Most of our clients consist of dining establishments, schools, condo complexes, retail businesses and places of worship.

Within the last few years, bed bugs have become a problem for many cities and states, but in Dallas, Texas this is not new to us. Fortunately, our experts are here to protect your family and your home! A bed bug can individually and collectively cause a number of health effects including skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms. Their

Don't blame yourself if you have roaches. Sometimes there's nothing you could have done to keep them out of your home. We've definitely noticed a spike in the number of people having cockroaches even in those who keep their home clean. Cockroaches can survive in conditions that other pests cannot because they're extremely adaptable. This can sometimes

We understand that having mice and rats in your kitchen can be quite disgusting. Friends, family, and relatives will assume things about your cleanliness because of this creatures living in your kitchen. If you'd like to remove your pest problem you should call our control experts for a free quote. Rodents are known best for building their nests in

Many people are familiar with the appearance of a black widow. It's a dark black spider with a red hourglass on its belly. We have found these in houses, sheds, and basements. They are very poisonous and quite common. When reaching into any area that you can't see, you should wear gloves to protect yourself because they may bite you. The brown recluse

Each year termites cause billions of dollars in damages to homes and businesses in the U.S. They have many different types. Some are more destructive than others, but Dallas Pest Exterminators can handle all your problem and removal needs. Once termites have invaded your house, they will search it for food - wood fiber. They have the ability to squeeze

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