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Worldwide Pest Control Worldwide Pest Control has been providing quality pest and termite control services since its foundation over 35 years. Our wide range of clientele include; Commercial, Government Facilities, Residential and Multi-Family communities. We are dedicated to maintaining high standards of customer service, quality service, remaining progressive and innovative as a company in the industry.

Our professionally trained pest management specialists have the technical knowledge and expertise to solve any pest needs for all sizes of commercial and/or industrial facilities, as well as a customized pest management program for your multi-family and residential needs. We have been using for years and recently moved to a new home and they just serviced that one for us.

Always professional, always on time, always grateful they are taking care of us. We have been using WW Pest Control for a few years. We have had outstanding service by two technicians: Eddie and Timothy. They are both professional, courteous and thorough, and explain what all they will do prior to starting a job.

Our highly trained and experienced residential specialists will design a custom pest management plan incorporating Worldwide Pest Control's unique 8-Step Green Program in order to meet all of your residential needs. One-Time Service Available - Worldwide can provide a one time service on any of our Residential Services currently offered in the Quarterly

The fear of bats has been perpetuated for centuries. Although a superstitious fear of bats may be unfounded, there is ample scientific evidence to warrant your desire to bat-proof your home. The bat is a nocturnal, flying animal that prefers dark, hidden areas. They are usually found in the attic, but they can also be found inside the walls of your

Even though there are more than 12,000 species of ants, only a handful of them are a problem in homes. Carpenter ants are one of them. These are the largest type of ant that you'll typically find inside a residence or business. Carpenter ants generally live in trees, but they can invade your home any time of year. You're most likely to notice them as

Fleas are small, wingless, hard-bodied insects that move quickly and are highly prolific. They bite wild animals, domestic pets, and humans. Their bites often cause severe itching, particularly when multiple bites are part of the picture. Fleas have the potential to transmit bacterial infections, disease, and internal parasites. The itching caused by

Pest insects come in all shapes and sizes. Some are more important to people than others, such as a honeybee versus a mosquito. Honey bees play an important part in the world around us and should be handled with care. Though they're beneficial insects, they can also become a pest if they invade the wrong place. If you're dealing with a honey bee infestation

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