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Went very well, the tech came and treated the front and backyard for pest, I had a flea and tick problem. The tech was professional and curtious. As of the writing of this review I am happy with the work that was performed and would use this company for my annual pest control needs. Super professional and best of all ORGANIC PRODUCT! They are more thorough than the previous company I used.

They even went in my attic and treated it as well as this is part of their great service! Conversational while they work and spray and they don't ever come off quiet and weird when they walk through your home. They even educate you on what they are putting down to help prevent all creepy crawlers from coming into your home. Kyle from Pro Defense Pest Control was such a huge help in evicting the raccoon living in my attic!

Total Professional. Very quick to respond to my inquiry and help me to set up a plan of action (and at a fair price) and helped to prevent future problems with pests. I would recommend them to anyone facing rodent issues.

read more › Residential pest control companies and commercial pest control companies in San Antonio can be difficult. It is often a confusing process for home and business owners. There are many companies that claim to be the best pest control solution for your home or business. Therefore, as a locally owned pest control company, we know the pest problems that are unique to San Antonio. We have developed San Antonio's premier pest control service option for our customers through experience. In addition, we use the very best products available within the pest control industry.

read more › Our residential pest control service is much more extensive than most people might think. We aren't just there to spray around the home and cross our fingers that you don't have bugs. We offer a highly intensive residential pest control service process. Above, you can see the steps comprising each service when we come to your home. By following each step, we can confidently control any current pest issues as well as future potential pest issues. Our Full Property Residential Pest Control Service offers a much more extensive plan than ANY other pest control company.

read more › You work hard to grow your business. Let us help protect everything you've worked to build with a custom commercial pest control plan. Multi-family residence pest control services at locations such as apartments and condos can be difficult for some companies to handle. A variety of residence means a variety of pest control issues. Often these pest control issues can be resolved quickly and easily. However, multi-family residences are unique in that each unit relies on the other to help control their pest control issues.

read more › Termite control services can be overwhelming and difficult. Between lack of understanding and fear tactics used by companies used to sell termite control services, customers are often confused and expecting the worst. We want to ensure that our termite control specialists know what to do. There are over 1,000 different species of termites. Therefore, providing quality termite control services in Texas, requires treating your home as we would our own. Termites account for over 25% of nationwide revenue for pest control companies in 2016.

read more › Additionally, central Texas has one of the largest populations of mice and rats in the country! Removing rodents can take time. At Pro Defense, we offer complete rodent inspections and thorough treatment options. Our treatments ensure complete property control as well as rodent service guarantees. You want them gone quickly and we will make sure any rodent infestation is under control quick and easy. In order to get rid of rodents quickly, our pest control service technicians receive the very highest level of training in order to provide you with the most effective services possible.

read more › Mosquito control services have moved from controlling a nuisance to controlling a major health concern like the Zika and West Nile Virus. With the introduction of Zika Virus and West Nile Virus, mosquito. Our variety of mosquito control treatments offer effective protection against these major nuisance pests. Additionally, you are greatly reducing your risk of exposure to threats such as the Zika Virus and West Nile Virus. Understanding mosquitoes is the first step to adequate mosquito control services.

read more › Bed Bug Control is a growing issue in San Antonio, and we are ready to handle them! Whether the bed bug control issue is in your home, workplace, or apartment, we can get rid of them fast. We also offer preventative measures to control bed bug infestations before they even become a problem. If you have bed bug control concerns and want more information to help protect yourself as you travel, talk to your technician, or contact our office at your convenience. Since the reintroduction of Bed Bugs back into America, many myths and theories have spread about them.

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