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John Jr's Termite & Pest Control John is the owner of the company. He has been in the industry since 1972, when he started working with his father, John Higley, Sr. John took over the company and named it John Jr's Termite and Pest Control in October of 2008. He says that his favorite part of the job is getting to meet and interact with customers, making sure to provide outstanding customer service.

Something you may not know about John is that he used to be a gymnast. Ernesto is the lead technician, and spends most of his time in our termite department. He has been in the industry since 2018 and joined our company in 2019. His favorite part of his job is completing a treatment knowing that he did an outstanding job. A fun fact about Ernesto is he is a San Francisco 49ers fan, and expects another playoff run soon.

John specializes in inspections, and answering all of the questions we have. He has been in the industry since 1972, when he opened the company, under the name "John's Termite and Pest Control". He has worked here since day 1, and has watched the company grow.

read more › Includes 2 treatments, typically 2 weeks apart. For German Cockroaches only. Call our office for a free inspection to determine what breed of cockroaches are in your home. Please note that there are special instructions that need to be followed for this treatment. Please see our services tab, or call our office for those instructions. Carpet beetle removal. Prices may vary based on the size of treatment area, and the severity of the infestation. We perform Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Reports (WDIIR) for real estate transactions and home refinance.

read more › They travel from host to host by jumping. Because many species of fleas prefer to feed off of animals, pets are the most common method for fleas to infest a home. Once inside, however, they will often bite and feed off of humans as well. Positive identification of an infestation should be made by a licensed John Jr's Termite & Pest Control technician. All pets and birds should be removed from the premises for 4 hours and out of the yard for 2 hours. Fish tanks should be covered with a towel and circulator turned off or unplugged.

read more › American cockroaches (sewer roaches) are the most common. They are typically about an inch and a half long. These roaches thrive in cold damp environments. German cockroaches are roughly 3/4 long. These roaches can infest your home if a neighbor has experienced infestation. These roaches can be challenging to get rid of, and DIY methods typically make the problem worse. They can inhabit any small tight space in your home, including cabinets and behind doors. Depending on the species of roach, the perimeter of the house will be sprayed focusing on bathrooms and kitchens.

read more › The 2 most common species of termites in Arizona are Subterranean Termites and Drywood Termites. Subterranean termites live in colonies underground; they build tunnels in search of food. They are dependent on moisture for survival. They feed on wood and other cellulose material. Drywood termites produce frass, this frass resembles small bird seed. Frass is also mistaken for sawdust frequently. Treatment depends on how the house is built, we may trench around the home, or inject the chemical into the soil via drilling through porches or footers.

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