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Southwest Pest Solutions LLC- We provide safe, effective, and affordable pest control solutions for what's buggin' you. The desert southwest is home to a variety of pests that can be unwelcomed visitors in and around your home or business. If you are looking for a company that will provide the best solutions to meet your pest control needs then choose Southwest Pest Solutions.

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Our company was founded on our core philosophies of excellent customer service with honesty and integrity at reasonable prices to provide you with effective solutions to your pest control needs. Co-owners Dennis Cross and Mike Waskiewicz have a combined 32+years experience doing pest control in southern Arizona. Southwest Pest Solutions provides residential

The desert southwest is home to a variety of pests. Many, such as ants, crickets, and earwigs, are considered by homeowners to be nuisance pests. Others, such as roaches, scorpions, and black widows, are considered more dangerous because of the threat of venomous and painful stings or bites or the potential to spread disease. Through the use of integrated

The White-throated Wood Rat, often referred to as the Packrat, is very common in the southwest desert. Far from being just a nuisance pest, packrats can be quite destructive. They can cause significant damage to automobiles, A/C units, pool equipment, and attic spaces. Additionally, packrat nests can harbor other pests such as kissing bugs, ticks, fleas

Wasp nests are generally much smaller than bee hives. Wasps will aggressively defend their nest when threatened and, unlike bees, have the ability to sting multiple times. The physical differences between European honey bees and Africanized are essentially impossible to determine in the field. It is estimated that virtually all of the wild bee colonies

Bed bugs used to be very common in the United States before World War II, but were almost completely eradicated during the 1940s and '50s. During the past decade, bed bugs have come back with a vengeance. They can be found in homes, apartments, hotels, schools, movie theaters, and in moving vans just to name a few places. Although bed bugs can cause

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