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Reliant Pest Management We are a complete service professional, licensed, certified and safe pest control company, located out of Quincy Massachusetts servicing all of Boston, Worcester, and all surrounding communities including north and south shores. Our high quality services offer physical, mechanical, biological and chemical alternatives designed to solve all of your pest problems.

Our team of highly trained true professional technicians will meet with you, take the time to listen to your observations, do a thorough inspection, evaluate the situation and inform you of our strategic plan of action. Solutions will depend on customer and property management pro activity, preparation and full cooperation. In return, Reliant Pest Management will commit to a high standard of customer service, communication, punctuality, and quality work.

To ensure customer satisfaction, all work will be under warranty. When you hire Reliant Pest Management Safety is the name of the game. All inspections and treatments performed will be in compliance with local and state regulations.

read more › Reliant Pest Management takes pride in knowing that we are one of the best in Boston at solving your bed bug problems. All technicians are sympathetic in your time of crisis, and know that time is of the essence for your sake and sanity. We want to make you comfortable in this process and get you and your family back to living your life. A visual confirmation is needed to start a treatment. A Reliant technician will do a thorough inspection of all bedrooms and sitting areas and positively identify bed bugs as the source of your complaint.

read more › The most common species that infests homes in the United States is the black carpenter ant. Carpenter ants can be described as large black ants, shiny hairy abdomens with elbowed antennae. If your home is located in a heavily forested area, these ants are no stranger to you. Structural damage is very common when dealing with carpenter ants. They will carve out smooth caverns in decayed wood to deposit their eggs and establish nesting sites. Have you ever had a water leak in your bathroom? Are your gutters not doing their job correctly and moisture is collecting behind your vinyl siding?

read more › We all have different opinions on how we feel when we see a little mouse running across our floor, whether you think it is cute and harmless or you are absolutely disgusted and terrified by the sight of the little guy. The truth of the matter is that one little feces from a house mouse carries thousands of viruses (Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Salmonellosis, L.C.M.V.) that can jeopardize the health of you and your family. Reliant Pest Management is here to help. A detailed inspection will be performed.

read more › Reliant Pest Management is proud to announce we are a NEPMA (New England Pest Management Association) certified WDI inspector. We offer very competitive rates for presale WDI home inspections. Whether you are buying or selling, a thorough inspection will be performed from attic to basement and all exposed wood. We will correctly identify insect activity (including termites, carpenter ants and powder post beetles), harborage areas, and insect damage. After inspection, recommendations will be made to help prevent future problems including pointing out all moisture sources and wood to soil contact.

read more › Reliant Pest Management is a fully licensed, insured and safe pest control company. All technicians are trained in high quality performance and problem solving. All technicians are fully equipped to solve any pest problem efficiently and with confidence. Reliant Pest Management has the ability to organize and carry out all of your pest control needs. Whether you have three units or three hundred units, Reliant will manage all areas including units, basements and exterior perimeters. Services will provide periodic clean outs, using principles of exclusion, baiting, and trapping.

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