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It begins with our philosophy to increase our customer's satisfaction by providing effective and economical solutions to your pest needs. We hire, only the most qualified technicians and trained them monthly for the latest and the most effective treatment available in order to ensure that our customers get the best service they expect and deserve.

We are doing more than controlling pest we are protecting homes, protecting business, protecting investments, we are protecting reputation and properties. We want to make sure the job is done properly, to make sure pesticides are applied responsibly in order to protect the environment. We Thank you for visiting our site where you can get professional pest and termite control services and free inspections.

We'd be happy to refer you to our pest management advisers.

read more › We will keep your home pest free. Our pest management advisers and experienced techs will be inspecting your home for any entry points on areas that attract pest or allow them access to your house. We will be performing initial treatment to get rid of any pest. After we will be proving you our integrated pest management (IPM) protection program to prevent any re-infestation.

read more › Argentine ants are the most common ant in Southern California. This species of ant set foot in North America in the late 1890's as Brazilian coffee ships unloaded their cargo in Louisiana ports. A single colony can contain as many as 10,000 female workers, and there may be hundreds of colonies around your home. These ants quickly overtake other species through their large numbers, commonly attacking wasp nests, bee hives and bird nests. Argentine ants are well-known for their ability to move their colonies very quickly during changes in the environment.

read more › Controlling wildlife requires a qualified and experienced expert to assure you of the correct and appropriate handling of your wildlife problem. Our field experts have been specially trained in the control of wildlife specific to your area, and will take care of the problem in the most gentle and humane way possible. All wildlife experts at Excellence Pest & Termites are trained for wildlife control in order to give you the most efficient and cost effective solution to your problem. We are also licensed and insured for your protection and comply with all laws regarding wildlife control.

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