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A Step Above Pest Control & Termites provides our customers with quality service. As a family-owned and -operated company, our responsibility is to provide you with the most efficient and effective pest control service in the safest possible manner; throughout our review process, application techniques and devices have made changes in certain pesticides, and application methods.

Please note that all materials used by A.S.A.P. are registered with the EPA and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. Our services are available to residential customers including single-family residences and apartments; commercial customers including hotels, restaurants, and schools; as well as industrial establishments including warehouses and grocery stores.

Call today about our 1 day heat treatments and our green chemical treatments for your pest needs. Prompt, professional, experienced, friendly, honest, and best of all reasonable rates. I highly recommend A Step Above Pest Control. He knows what he's doing.

read more › We here at A Step Above Pest Control & Termites provide our customers with quality and customer satisfaction. As a family-owned and -operated company, our primary concern is providing our services to you safely and in the most efficient manner to eliminate your pest problem. We have over 30 years of experience and we are dedicated to our customers. Our slogan is "The Name Says it All" meaning we are here to serve you. All of our pest control services are tailored to your pest management needs. A Step Above Pest Control & Termites is an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) company that is licensed, bonded and insured and we are also Green Pro Certified.

read more › A Step Above Pest Control & Termites provides thorough pest control services for homes and businesses in the Los Angeles, CA, area, and we can make sure you can live and work in peace. We do our best to not only eradicate pests of all kinds but prevent them as well. We are there for you every step of the way to make sure you are completely satisfied with your property when we're through. We can quickly identify the source of these pests and treat them with a variety of different options. We even offer green treatments and alternative methods, such as heat treatments for bedbugs, to make sure you're happy with the pest control options you have.

read more › Rodent infestations are no laughing matter. Rats and mice carry parasites and diseases that can cause allergies, illness and even death in humans. Children and the elderly are especially at risk. Common bacteria that can be communicated from rats include Hantavirus, Listeria, Rat-Bite Fever and Salmonellosis. All of these diseases can be communicated to humans and cause potentially serious consequences. Whether you have an infestation at your house or your workplace, protect yourself, your loved ones and your employees with one of our effective and immediate pest control solutions.

read more › If you notice that bees or wasps are congregating in your yard or commercial space, you likely have a nest nearby. Isolated stings can be uncomfortable, but they are usually not threatening unless you, your loved ones or your employees have an allergy. However, swarms can be very dangerous, and if enough stings are inflicted, they can result in injury or death. Killing a wasp or a bee one-by-one is an ineffective way to remove these pests from your property. Bees and wasps will propagate quickly and replace removed individuals with ease.

read more › When you turn on the lights in the kitchen at night, the last thing you want to see are crowds of cockroaches scurrying behind your appliances. Similarly, no one wants to wake up with welts and rashes from the fleas that your dog introduced into your home. The best thing to do for your own safety and hygiene is to call the pest control experts at A Step Above Pest Control & Termites. We're ready to help you. Cockroaches not only smell bad and leave behind unsanitary droppings and discarded shells, but they are a potential source of disease as well.

read more › Nothing is more important than you feeling safe and secure in your own home. That's why our team of highly experienced pest control experts are ready to help you eliminate pests from your property, no matter what species you may be dealing with. Spiders are a major pest in most homes, and eliminating them can be a hassle. They build webs, crawl along surfaces and can reproduce vast numbers of young if given the chance. Many species are also poisonous to humans and can cause serious injury or even death.

read more › Termites can be hard to spot, but once you see the signs of an infestation, you need to act quickly. Termites can cause a lot of damage in a relatively short amount of time, so to protect your home from destruction, you need to call termite control professionals. At A Step Above Pest Control in Los Angeles, CA, we offer termite removal services suited to your situation. We've been eradicating bugs for over 30 years, so we know the tricks of the trade. We use our years of experience to craft the most effective treatment plan for your situation.

read more › Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of once an infestation has started because they burrow into mattresses, clothing, bedding, and upholstery. At A Step Above Pest Control, we help residents of Los Angeles, CA, get rid of their bed bugs for good with our bed bug service. Whether you need your whole house heat-treated or you want to try our chemical sprays, we'll work with you to get your home pest-free. At A Step Above Pest Control, we know that just because you don't want bugs inside your home, that doesn't mean you don't want them to exist elsewhere.

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