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Eastern Termite & Pest Control If you suspect the infestation of termite, pest, or mold inside your residential area, request for our experts to handle the problem. Our technicians will walk you through each step of estimating the cost for treatment. We will help you find a plan that fits your budget and use only the highest rated professional solutions. We have earned our customers' trust by providing honest, effective services.

Our organic eco-friendly methods applied during the treatment allows us to provide you with successful extermination of termite, pest, and mold. Not only our method is effective, but does not involve any harmful chemicals. Don't let the inspection, and estimation cost scare you away for that we provide on-site inspection and estimation for no charge.

Whether your concern is the environment, or the protection of your beloved ones, we are here to provide relief to all those concerns. Our services are provided for residential, commercial, public purposes, and every treatment will be customized to meet each client's expectations.

read more › Eastern Termite & Pest Control was founded in the year of 1996, and it was founded by the owner who himself is an expert of termite and pest control. Our main branch was established in the city of Los Angeles. Although our main branch is located in the Los Angeles County, we don't only provide services in Los Angeles county. We have broaden our spectrum to provide services in the Orange County and Ventura County. Having treated many of various cases has helped us attain valuable experiences for becoming great experts at termite and pest control.

read more › Infestation can occur to anywhere and anyone. Infestation can be occurred by termite, mold, bee, bedbug and other various types of pests. Lot of times, infestation is kept untreated until one experiences the severe property damage, and building structure destructions. Infestation not only causes the noticeable structures damages, but it can negatively affect one's physical and mental health. Termites will voraciously eat anything rich in cellulose such as wood and papers. According to National Pest Association, It is estimated that termites cause 5 billion dollars of property damages each year.

read more › Pest can refer to any type of animal, insect or an organism that damages one's property, puts individual's health at risk, and damage the natural resources. Bed bugs, cockroaches, bees, pigeons, fleas, silverfishes and gophers are only few of them. Pests not only is visually disturbing, they can pose serious threat to individuals' health. Pests such as fleas cause the skin irritation. Mosquitoes often carry diseases which can be deadly to humans. Breathing debris of pests like cockroaches can cause one's development in allergy symptoms.

read more › Bed bug is hematophagous insect which means that it feeds on blood. Bed bug typically prefers feeding on warm blooded animals such as cows, dogs, and cats and also feeds on human blood. Bed bug can easily get attached on clothes and pets bodies and can thrive up to one year without feeding. Bed bug is particularly active during the night. Bed bug will pierce the skin of the host with their beaks, and the host usually can't detect its feeding at the moment. Bed Bug causes numerous negative health effects on humans.

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