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Established in 1984, Abbott Pest Control sought out a future where they would provide services that were safe, on-time and lasting. With over 30 years of hands on industry experience and knowledge, we offer the most comprehensive and thorough pest control services in Ventura County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County and its surrounding areas. Our dedicated team of professionals can provide same day or next day services to get your job done quickly, safely and efficiently.

And along with our one time service fee, we provide the ultimate in customer service and reliability. Our team remains committed to working with you by providing one time services, quarterly, monthly and bi-monthly maintenance programs to ensure you are taken care of fully from start to finish. Abbott Pest Control knows how important it is for you to live and work in a pest free environment.

We offer expert advice about all your pest control problems. We will initially give your home or commercial space a thorough pest inspection and then sit down with you to go over our findings.

read more › You may think there's no activity going on in your attic or crawl space. After all, there's nothing up there but old toys, keepsakes and other collectibles. But an attic/crawl space actually can be a very busy place: rodents love attics, particularly the fiberglass insulation now used in homes today and placed in the attic or crawl space. What's more, squirrels, chipmunks, even rats also love attics and the old insulation. It's so warm and pieces of it make a great addition for a nest. It's so easy to chew on and break into pieces.

read more › At Abbott Pest Control, we know exactly how to deal with the removal of bees, wasps and hives. Our experts will evaluate the entire issue, find the hive or nest and remove them without any further damage to you or your home. If you need a quick and effective treatment, we can provide the necessary options for extermination of bees and wasps. Call us today and let one of our experts handle your pest issue. Many of us are unaware of the difference between bees and wasps and consider both of them equally harmful.

read more › Rats are particularly active at night which makes them hardly noticeable. During the day they are looking for food, shelter, water and that is the time when they leave indications they inhabit your premises. If you are in need of Rat Control call Abbott Pest Control. We will come to your home or office and inspect the property (including your attic or crawl space) and before we leave we will go over a program that is customized to you and your situation. Abbott Pest Control & Handyman Service is your answer to any Rodent problem that you might run into.

read more › There are three different species of gophers here in California, but the most common is the pocket gopher. They live most their lives in underground runways that they have dug. Gophers love freshly rooted plants as well as other plants that can be found near a building or home. In time, they may completely kill small trees and shrubs and can cause extensive damage to flower or vegetable gardens if they are not removed from the property. Their little teeth can also cause damage to underground cables and/or irrigation systems.

read more › Abbott Pest Control has the proper equipment and training to ensure the safe, ecological removal of any dead animals found on residential and commercial properties. The process for cleanup is extremely involved, as carcasses must be bagged properly and the area must be disinfected. Furthermore, all bodily fluids and odors have to be taken care of before the job is complete, as residues may contain infectious bacteria or parasites. The professionals at Abbott Pest Control dispose of dead animals in accordance with all local California laws and guidelines.

read more › Your home should be your haven and not a place filled with an infestation of ants, rodents, bed bugs or the unwanted stress brought on by any pest control problem. Recognized as leading and qualified pest control experts for many years, the licensed exterminators at Abbott Pest Control are fully equipped with effective products & pest control solutions. The best way to keep these unwanted visitors away from your property is by scheduling preventative maintenance to make sure that the bugs stay where they belong.

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