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Our experienced and trained pest control professionals have you covered with truly expert care. Our horticultural experts have decades of experience to troubleshoot the problems you're experiencing with your trees, shrubs, lawns and landscapes. We are one of the only Southern California companies that can reach more than 100 feet with our tree spraying services too!

No matter what your pest, plant or landscape problem is, we are your go-to experts that get it right. Our experienced pest control professionals are what make the difference between our business and your other choices. For decades, Kastle Kare has been known as the Gopherman because of our excellent and relentless work in getting rid of gophers on your property.

We know how troublesome and destructive these little rodents can be for your lawn and landscape. We know how to get rid of them and keep them from coming back. We know how to get rid of your gophers and keep them from coming back.

Our team of dedicated employees are experts in the field and ready to help you. Combined, we have more than 75 years of experience in pest control and agricultural services. Ty Brann is a third generation born and raised resident of Ventura County. He began his company in 1988 in the landscape industry and today it is a thriving business with multiple

Kastle Kare is a licensed agricultural care and pest control provider with specialty divisions including Plant Rx, the Gopher Man and Bug Blasted Pest Control servicing residential and commercial properties. All services eradicate pest infestations and plant disease while offering a preventative maintenance plan. Kastle Kare was established in 1988

Kastle Kare understands that price is a driving factor in how you chose which company to award the job. While this is very important, it is more important that you dont waste money either. Making a choice for a less expensive company means your service could be riddled with shortcuts and ultimately leaves you with the same problem you initially called

Plant Rx (a division of Kastle Kare) consists of licensed professionals that truly care for our clients landscapes. In order to help you keep your trees and shrubs healthy, we offer a variety of services to identify the needs and treatments required to thrive. Kastle Kare has the equipment and expertise to care for your tallest trees and the most expansive

Many plant diseases are infectious and can cause problems to the remainder of your landscape so it is imperative to contact us at the first sign of a problem. Plant Rx (a division of Kastle Kare) can arrange for one of our courteous and friendly technicians to provide you with an on-site inspection and consultation of your landscape. This will enable

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