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We are open for business and taking this opportunity to offer you $50 off your next pest control treatment. No strings attached and no fine print. Interior pest control treatments (when requested) are conducted while maintaining proper social distancing. At EcoCare, we believe you shouldn't have to worry about the health and safety of your family and pets when searching for a trusted exterminator in the Portland and Vancouver area.

We have used EcoCare for several years to deal with our box elder bug issue, which has been HUGE. We trust the work they do and the product they use is safe for us, our pets and the environment. The staff, and owners are very friendly, knowledgeable and high character. Thank you for all the great work you always do, the time you take and standing behind your jobs.

We would recommend you to anyone. Our eco-friendly pest control services are safe for people of all ages, cats, dogs, and most other pets. So, kick up your feet while we eliminate your pest problem!

Our promise to you is simple: We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! For over 20 years, EcoCare has set the standard for pest control in the Portland and Vancouver area. We're consistently ranked as one of the best local exterminators and we've won the Angie's List Super Service Award every year since 2006! We're proud to offer

Insects can damage possessions, cause painful bites, and damage the structural integrity of your home. Don't rely on insect exterminators who focus only on eliminating insect infestations. To protect your home and family, you need to stay one step ahead of insect infestations with preventive eco-friendly treatments. Before we perform any insect pest

Where there is one ant, there are more ants. In fact, there are probably thousands of more ants! Ants can be a very frustrating pest problem because they tend to get everywhere and they're hard to get rid of. Our ant exterminators can help. Soil ants can get into food containers and ruin pantries full of food. Moisture ants can infest decaying wood

Whether or not you're scared of these eight-legged creatures, you don't want them living in or around your home. Though most of our local Spiders are harmless, certain species-including the Black Widow and Hobo Spider-can be dangerous. Our experienced spider exterminators can help! The key to keeping spiders out of your home is regular pest treatments

Bed Bug infestations are a frustrating and emotionally-distressing problem to reckon with. These tiny insects are known for burrowing into mattresses, furniture, and clothing. Most active at night, they feed on human blood while you're sleeping, causing unexplained bug bites in the morning. Bed Bugs are most commonly picked up when traveling, with the

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