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Complete Exterminating We offer comprehensive pest and rodent control services to resolve pest issues in residential and commercial properties throughout Vancouver and Portland. Our experts combine their decades of experience with quality products and proven techniques to bring our clients effective and lasting pest management services. Our Programs are specifically designed for the Portland and Vancouver area and for the current Pest you have several pests that could present a future infestation.

Our programs are Protecting your home from Wood Destroying Pests and those that can present a Health Risk is extremely important to us. If you currently have a company doing an ongoing service for you, please compare our programs and services and we will take over the service with no additional charge for an initial service and will match or beat the price you are currently paying.

Our friendly experts are highly-familiar with treating pests that are common in the Northwest. As a family and locally-owned company, we are dedicated to ensuring the best experience and results possible for our customers.

read more › Our owner of Complete Exterminating, Ted, has been in The Pest Control Industry since 1992 and is a family man. Ted has been with his wife, Kristin for 20 years and twin daughters from his first marriage. He raised them on his own until marrying Kristin in 2000. Ted's family roots go back forty years here in the northwest. His family resides in Battle Ground, Washington, and Tillamook, Oregon. Not only has Ted been an owner 18 years out of his history in the business, but he has worked for three different companies here in the northwest getting to know the many different ways companies do business first hand.

read more › Complete Service Program for Pest Control in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR for Residential and Commercial Properties. Complete Exterminating offers The Complete Service Program which is a true Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs designed to provide affordable pest management services that focus on limited and non-chemical solutions. Non-chemical solutions are long term solutions that address the current pest infestation and also prevent recurrence or new problems from becoming established.

read more › Remove all clothing and bedding from room and wash in hot water and detergent (liquid detergent is best) or send out to be dry cleaned. Inspect the mattress and box springs. If there are any holes or tears it is advisable to cover with Mattress and Box Spring covers. Furniture, moldings, draperies, curtain rods, appliances, switch plates, electrical plug plates, carpet edges, and any and all structural corners and cracks inspected, flushed, vacuumed, and treated. Nuisance arthropods cover a wide variety of organisms that can and do cause annoyance in homes and businesses.

read more › Because we are a Local Family owned and operated Company, our programs and services are designed for the Pests and conditions here in the Northwest and more specifically SW Washington and Northern Oregon. Unlike Pest Companies that are large National or International Companies that have programs designed by Corporate offices in other parts of the US or World. We have over 25 years' experience in Pest Management and all of that has been here in the Portland/Vancouver area. Regardless of what Pest you are calling us about, we offer a free inspection by a Licensed Applicator and not a Salesperson.

read more › Crawlspace and Attic Restoration in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR for Residential and Commercial Properties. Your crawlspaces can be the source of many pest infestations from insects, rodents, and wildlife. We will do a free inspection and let you know if there us anything to be concerned with. Rodents and other wildlife, which take up residence under your home, can cause thousands of dollars in damage and contamination. Studies suggest that 40% of the air you breathe comes from the air underneath your home-this is even higher in the winter when less air comes in through windows and doors and homeowners rely more heavily on heating their home from within.

read more › Ted was very good and explained what exactly he had found and his recommendation(s) to address the issue. Keith was awesome. He shared fascinating information about the ants and what happens behind the scenes in their colonies. He shared some preventative tips and sprayed the affected areas. Most importantly, he was respectful to us and to our home. We've already recommended Complete Exterminating to two people and told them to ask for Keith. Seriously good job. Devon was on time and identified several problem areas and took care of then in short order.

read more › Moisture ants are a collective term for ant species that seek out moist places to build their colonies and require plenty of water to survive. While there are many species of moisture ants, they all tend to congregate and form a nest near moisture sources in your home. Whether or not you need chemical treatment to get rid of moisture ants will depend on your home and situation. In many cases, like when the ants are still a minor presence and haven't intruded beyond lesser-trafficked areas, simply removing the moist material should inspire the ants to leave.

read more › Adults are about 7-18 inches in length, the head and body uses up 7-9.5 inches of that length. Anywhere from a half-pound to a pound. Their hair is coarse, shaggy, brown with scattered black hairs. The underside it grey to yellowish-white. The muzzle is blunt, eyes are small, and the ears are small and densely covered with short hairs. The tail is bicolored and scaly. Norway rats are nocturnal and are cautious. Although they constantly explore their surroundings, they shy away from new objects and changes.

read more › Adults with combined head and body length 6-8 inches and the tail length is between 7-10 inches. The fur is soft and smooth; color is between brown with black intermixed to gray to black above with underside white, gray, or black. The muzzle pointed, eyes and ears are large, and they are almost naked. The tail will be scaly, uniformly dark, longer than head and body combined. Once established indoors, roof rats tend to follow the same route or pathway between their nest and food sources. Runways along vertical surfaces will usually include dark rub or swing marks on the vertical surface where their fur makes contact.

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