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Are you tired of being swindled by companies that don't deliver on their promises, or weasel out of warrantying their work? Does your pest technician quickly spray around your house and leave in 10 minutes? Based out of Surprise, 303 Pest Control is a local, family owned and operated pest control company servicing the far West Valley of Arizona. We understand how hard you work for your money and pride ourselves on delivering an unrivaled service and customer experience.

We don't overbook our days so that we can ensure every home or business receives the same, thorough service you deserve and pay for. From general pest control to scorpion control, termite treatments to bee removal, we've got you covered! Give us a call today at (623) 980-1870 and put your pest worries behind you.

read more › Pictured above are owners Brittney and Michael Rossi, and their daughters London and Kammie. They have lived in Surprise since 2014 and have 16 years of combined experience in the pest control industry. Michael has been servicing the West Valley his entire "bug man" career, so he's well versed in the problems communities out here face. 303 Pest Control was built around one premise; never treat someone the way you wouldn't want to be treated. They don't believe in hidden fees or fine print, but rather providing an honest service they stand behind.

read more › Power Spraying: Many companies will use a backpack sprayer to treat the exterior of a home which, generally, only coats the top soil with a fine mist. While this is a standard practice in our industry, we find that using a truck mounted spray rig allows us to get proper coverage and, in some cases, saturation in the areas that need it most. This is especially important when treating scorpions that like to hide deep in cracks and crevices. In order to eliminate the noise associated with gas powered spray rigs, we use high pressure electric pumps instead which also produce zero emissions.

read more › Unfortunately this age old saying still rings true today. Termites cause 5 billion dollars in damage annually and everyone is at risk. Termite colonies can reach a size of 1,000,000 or more and will forage up to 150 feet from the colony in search of wood. These tiny insects silently work in tubes below the ground 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, searching for moisture and new wood to eat. Eating in excess of 1lb of wood a month, these tiny insects can do a lot of damage in a short period of time.

read more › Have you seen bees going in and out of a hole on your property? Its only a few at a time. No big deal, right? Wrong! Inside the void they are entering is a hive containing thousands of bees you can't see! Call us today at (623) 980-1870 for a free quote and get it treated by a professional immediately! Every year farmers in Surprise and the surrounding communities rent bee boxes to yield more crops. These bee hives will sometimes split off due to a lack of room, or leave their box entirely to find a new home.

read more › 303 Pest Control services communities along the 303, but specializes in pest control in Surprise, AZ. While many companies service the entire valley, we limit our service area to the West Valley of Arizona only. This allows us to have the best understanding of the pest infestations we face out here, and stay up to date on seasonal and annual infestations. Our main focus is providing the best service possible, and focusing on a smaller section of town allows us to do just that. Below you will find a list of Cities we currently service.

read more › Living in Surprise, 6 and 8 legged visitors is an inevitable experience. Living in a newer city located on the outskirts of town, this problem is only amplified. As peaceful as it is living away from the city, we're surrounded by farms, new construction and of course the desert; all a recipe for visits by unwanted pests. For these reasons, we understand the importance of a pest control service. This brief guide can make a huge impact on the pest population of your home in Surprise. At 303 Pest Control, we offer a variety of services allowing you to choose an option that suits your needs and budget best.

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