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Have trust in your decision, schedule a free 10 minute phone consultation. Have peace of mind knowing you are talking to a real life person, getting answers to questions you've been needing to ask. The warm weather of Arizona with its many sunny days and mild winters is very appealing. So it doesn't come as a surprise that it is as appealing to pests as it is to people.

Unfortunately, though, pests have a habit of trying to make your home their home. If you need pest control in Metro Phoenix, the larger Phoenix and the nearby Peoria, AZ, look no further than San-Rio Pest Control. We offer a range of pest control solutions including bed bug services, termite treatment, and scorpion control. Pest control in the home is very crucial.

As most homeowners know, uncontrolled pests can heavily infest your home and become a nuisance. Moreover, they carry a host of disease-causing agents that can cause illnesses in pets and people. If you want to live comfortably in your home without worrying about pests, call us.

read more › Pests are one of a homeowner's worst nightmares. Not only do they cause significant damage to the property but also, they transmit diseases to people and pets. Moreover, the bites of some pests can be fatal, especially to young children and elderly people. Fortunately, when it comes to pest management, we at San-Rio Pest Control are here for you. We offer a range of pest control services in Peoria, AZ, Metro Phoenix and the nearby areas of Avondale and Scottsdale. The pests we deal with include bedbugs, fleas and ticks, scorpions, spiders, termites and rodents.

read more › Termites can easily be ranked among the greatest fears of any homeowner. This is because of the massive damage they can potentially cause to properties. If you need a termite inspection or termite control in Phoenix, AZ, San-Rio Pest Control is your ideal partner. A leading termite exterminator, you can trust our company to protect your home from termites all year round. In the United States, termites reportedly cause more damage to properties than earthquakes, tornadoes, and fires combined. This potential damage is very real in Arizona since it sits in one of the most active termite areas in the United States.

read more › Among the pests that love the year-round warm weather in Scottsdale, AZ and the larger Arizona area are spiders. They tend to find homes more comfortable than the desert since there is plenty of food and shelter from the hot sun. If spiders have found their way to your home, San-Rio Pest Control can help. As an expert spider exterminator team, we specialize in spider removal including brown recluse extermination. Though a good number of spiders are harmless, some of them have venomous bites. These bites cause illnesses and can be fatal to young children and the elderly.

read more › Scorpions are a year-round problem in Buckeye, AZ as well as the rest of Metro Phoenix and Arizona in general. However, the risk of an infestation tends to increase during summer as they love the warm weather. If scorpions have nested in your home, you will most probably need scorpion specialists for safe removal. Luckily, when it comes to scorpion specialists, San-Rio Pest Control is at your service. As soon as you start noticing evidence of a scorpion problem in your home, contact the experienced exterminators at San-Rio Pest Control.

read more › The sighting of rats and mice or their droppings in the home is enough to send any homeowner into a frenzy. After all, no one likes sharing their home with these pesky creatures. If you need rodent control in your Avondale, AZ home, San-Rio Pest Control is your best bet. As leading rodent removal experts, we can get you a rat or rodent exterminator to remove and exclude them from your home. Rodents are dirty and outright dangerous in the home. Not only are they responsible for a lot of damage but also, they pose a health risk to the occupants of the home.

read more › Roach removal could well be one of the biggest headaches for any homeowner. Resilient and revolting, once roaches are in your home, it is an uphill task completely getting rid of them. Fortunately, you can rely on the expert local exterminators for roaches at San-Rio Pest Control. If you need cockroach removal services in your Sun City, AZ home, call us. Frequently viewed as one of the dirtiest pests, roaches in the home are appalling. If you live in Arizona, you are likely to encounter different species as they seek to enjoy the warm weather too.

read more › It's well known that mosquitos can carry a wide range of infectious diseases. Understandably, many Peoria, AZ home and business owners opt for traditional DIY approaches to mosquito removal, but when you're dealing with a major infestation, it's best to call an expert mosquito control company. San-Rio Pest Control, LLC proudly offers green mosquito control services with In2Care, a cutting-edge line of products made entirely from recycled materials. This innovative mosquito control system doesn't require the spraying of toxic chemicals on your property; rather, In2Care's contained traps and tubes use a unique netting that's pre-treated with a natural biological fungus, which begins infecting mosquitoes on contact.

read more › From insect pests to rodents, spiders, and bugs, controlling pests is at best a huge undertaking. However, it is very necessary due to the high stakes involved. If you need pest prevention services in Surprise, AZ, El Mirage, and Sun City worry not. San-Rio Pest Control is in the business of ensuring your home is pest-free all year round. We offer insect prevention and termite prevention alongside other pest control services. Pests have a lot of harmful effects in the home. They are unpleasant to encounter, can cause extensive damage, and transmit diseases to humans and pets.

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