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My business experience includes over 20 years of door-to-door sales as a former Fuller Brush salesman, insurance sales, Dunkin Donut franchise operator and janitorial service owner. In 1979, acting on the advise of a dear friend and former business associate, I became involved in the pest control business; starting out as a technician and working my way up to Vice-President of Harrison Exterminating, owned by the late Warren Harrison.

I met Warren in 1968 and we remained close for over 32 years. Then, in 1990, Warren merged his company with mine. In 1991 I formed the 'Pest Control Education Center', offering an unparalleled 3 day training program for pest control technicians. In addition I offer continuing education to certified pest control operators from various pest control companies throughout the state of Florida.

I am certified to teach continuing education by the state of Florida as well as Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Virginia. In 2013 we purchased our own building; moved to housing our executive offices as well as a 40 seat, state of the art training facility.

read more › Termites work silently and invisibly, sawing into your floor joists, cutting into your wall studs, hollowing out the heart of your home and hiding the damage until it's too late. One of the greatest hazards any homeowner faces is termites, which may do more damage than fire, storms, and earthquakes combined. Termites survive by eating wood, paper, fiberboard, cotton fabrics, and other cellulose products. If ignored, termites can actually threaten the structural integrity of your house, and this is where the danger lies.

read more › This cockroach lives outdoors as well as indoors and often infests basements and sewer systems. These large cockroaches are capable of flying, but usually remain on the ground. The female produces an egg case every month for about 10 months. There are about 16 eggs per case. Limiting the movement of these cockroaches from sewer systems and basements may be done with screens placed over drains. Sticky traps may help to locate infested areas. Chemical control in the form of sprays, dusts or baits directed at these infested areas will provide control.

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