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Florida resident Justin Saunders founded Total Property Control after receiving his Masters degree in entomology at the University of Florida. A family-owned business, Total Property Control offers outstanding quality pest control and lawn care services. We have been steadily growing since 2005. With pest control and lawn care experience in Palm Beach County and outlying areas, we provide the latest, safest and most effective treatments.

Our pest control service exterminates termites, white flies, ants, rats, mice and more. Our lawn care service provides; maintenance for lawn and shrub, long-lasting fertilization treatments, broadleaf weed control, disease and fungal control, and deep root injections to make your lawn and home the safest and most beautiful on the block. We pride ourselves on offering affordably priced services, outstanding customer service and quick turn around times.

We work one on one with each customer to ensure your project is completed to your complete satisfaction.

read more › To create a friendly South Florida landscape design it takes equal parts of art and science. A South florida friendly yard provides a functional, beautiful, and ecologically sound landscape that enhances a home or building as well as the neighborhood. When you place plants in your landscape you do not want to waste time, energy, or. Summertime presents some of the toughest lawn care issues in South Florida. Typically, the high heat, and the lack of water. These problems are made worse by the watering restrictions imposed in most areas.

read more › Adult whiteflies look like small white moths, but are actually closely related to sap-sucking aphids. They are approximately 1mm long. Whiteflies do not hibernate and must need a suitable host all year. Consequently mild, warm Florida weather provides an ideal environment for whiteflies. An adult female whitefly can lay up to 200 eggs. In warm weather egg-laying. Most people tend to forget about pest control during the colder winter months but just because you can't see rodents and pests easily doesn't mean you don't have a problem or you don't have a situation that is encouraging spring pest problems.

read more › With concerns about ground water pollution, Florida and other states are implementing restrictions against the use of phosphorous in fertilizers and restricting the amount of nitrogen in a fertilizer. What can you do to protect the ground water but still keep your lawn healthy and green? Organic lawn care can help reduce fertilizer runoff and protect. Early spring is the time when South Florida homeowners begin noticing weed growth and brown spots on their lawns. What can you do? One of the best things you can do is simply be patient.

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