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Scorpion Sweepers Scorpion Sweepers provides Scorpion Probability Analysis reports for homeowners, home buyers, and home sellers. Simply provide us your address and a video of your property and we will let you know if we think you will have scorpions, where the scorpions will reside on your property, and what you can do about it. We have recently shut down our pest control services after 15 years of providing chemical-free scorpion control for the state of Arizona.

Now we are focusing on providing detailed reports about the chances a property has scorpions and what to do about it. Scorpion Sweepers uses ultraviolet floodlights to hand remove scorpions from your property, without the use of pesticides. We start by performing a Home Inspection, evaluating how severe the scorpion problem is. Then based on our over fourteen years of data we create a strategy to eliminate the scorpions as quickly as possible.

Depending on the severity of your problem our annual maintenance program may be an option. Scorpion Sweepers is a completely different pest control company.

read more › I'm Ben Holland, founder of Scorpion Sweepers. I want to tell you a little bit about the history of our company. It all started back in 2005, while I was interning at Arizona State University in the Reptile Lab under Dr. Dale DeNardo. While I was interning, I did a three-month olfactory study on Gila Monsters. To support our lab, I and my lab mates would go out at night and perform pest control services around Tempe, Arizona. After I graduated, I decided to make a business out of this and I created Scorpion Sweepers.

read more › Ben Holland is a scorpion expert located in Phoenix, Arizona. He has a BS in biology from Arizona State University and has been studying scorpions in the Sonoran desert for over a decade. Since the early 2000's Ben has been catching Arizona bark, striped tail and desert hairy scorpions in the desert and residential or commercial properties. Ben has had the opportunity to speak, present or be featured in dozens of publications, books, and radio or television shows. He is happy to speak at a high level to industry professionals or to children educating them about the creature and how to stay safe.

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