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Verikill Welcome to VERIKILL pest control; my company may be new to you, however, VERIKILL isn't new. We have been doing business in Bay Park, Clairemont, La Jolla, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Downtown San Diego, and North County since 2002. For expert pest control at reasonable prices please contact us at (844) TOO-KILL (844) 866-5455.

Verikill Pest Control, Inc. brings over 60 years of professional experience in both termite and general pest control to the pool of Integrated Pest Management solution, I don't believe there is anything someone with the company has not seen at some point in their career.We will bring all of our expertise to bear on any general pest termite problem you may be experiencing.

We control ants, roaches, bed bugs, rodents, bees, termites and so much more. Don't let pests bug you, bedbugs bite, or termites destroy your home, let us do the dirty work because we handle pests the old fashion way, we kill them!

read more › I am first and foremost a single father of three adult children and grandpa of two. My children standing behind me, from left to right, John 31, my oldest son Micah 32, and my beautiful daughter Kirstin now 26. The beautiful baby is my granddaughter Alaina, now 8, and the pumpkin patch photo is of Alaina and her sister Adriana present day. I began my first pest control company under another name in 1999. Shortly after beginning that company, circumstances in my personal life forced me to shut down that company and begin VERIKILL Pest Control Inc.

read more › Bees are not technically a pest species; it was Albert Einstein who said "If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live." Bees are a beneficial and vital species of insect but because they can be extremely dangerous in the wrong location pest control measures regrettably have to be taken now and then to remove nuisance colonies. If you have a Bee problem call Verikill 844-866-5455. Honey bees are social insects that live in hives which contain as many as 80,000 individuals with varying work responsibilities.

read more › One of the last things anyone wants to hear from a pest control professional is they have bedbugs. The implications of a bedbug infestation are damaging economically and they may act as vector for disease transmission. One of the reasons California represents a large percentage of the billions of dollars in revenue the pest control industry generates is because of the climate in Southern California, is ideal for encouraging pest reproduction. Bedbugs are highly resistant to pesticides so an approach that takes into account their biology and resistance to conventional methods that cause mortality is necessary.

read more › Few insects evoke the disgust that cockroaches do especially the small brown German cockroach which commonly infests kitchens in both the residential and commercial environment. While we handle all cockroach problems, indigenous to California, like those seen typically outdoors e.g. the Oriental and American cockroach; the focus of our investigation will be on the one most commonly seen in the home or work place, the German cockroach. Call 844 TOO-KILL to kill your roaches. Cockroaches have been around over four hundred million years and will probably still be here long after man is extinct.

read more › Rats and mice can become a major problem if not handled immediately; billions of dollars in property damage are made by rodents every year and they are a dangerous vector for deadly diseases like bubonic plague and Hantavirus. The main issue for home owners is that they damage property by chewing holes into the structure, damaging electrical wiring, cable, and telephone lines. In the slide show above is an example of damaged wiring; one of the main causes of structural fire is faulty wiring. Because rodents can wreak such havoc and, in the worst case scenario, end up costing you everything you own now is the time to deal with it.

read more › Skunks, raccoons, and possums are usually a problem that goes hand and hand with having pets because there is typically an available food source in the form of pet food that draws them to your home. Skunks are territorial and when they become entrenched in a harborage somewhere nearby and are unlikely to leave on their own. The way we handle skunks, raccoons, and possums is by trapping and releasing them in an areas approved by the city. Trap setup is $150; then $50-$75 per animal trapped regardless of the kind of animal.

read more › Whether you need an inspection to clear escrow, structural repairs due to fungal or termite damage, or a structure of any size requires tenting, Verikill Pest Control, Inc. has the industrial infrastructure to meet your needs. We also specialize in construction pretreats, add value to your existing home or increase the selling price of new construction by chemically protecting the core structure from termites for as long as 30 years. Whatever the project, large or small, trade excellence is a phone call away.

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