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San Diego Pest Management Ants are the most common household problem. San Diego Pest Management will provide a complete solution for your ant problems. After our inspection, we will provide treatment solutions and find the entry to your home and stop it. All our services at San Diego Pest Management are backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! San Diego Pest Management has certified bee removal experts on staff to take care of you.

Our services range from bee swarm removal to beehive removal from residential or commercial locations. San Diego Pest Management provides excellent service to all our customers. Gopher removal is not an easy process if handled incorrectly. They tend to dig extensively, and their feeding habits often destroy gardens and plant life, wreaking havoc on your lawn.

At San Diego Pest Management, our technicians have been put through the proper training to safely and effectively remove underground pests without further damaging the surrounding environment. Our full-fledged gopher removal solutions will ensure that the issue is eliminated for good.

For over three decades, our founder/owner has experienced quite a number of instances in which he had a personal brush with various kinds of pests and has successfully eradicated them mostly in the San Diego Area. Through that extensive experience, the desire to help out families and households in keeping them from pests and damage control has transcended

Our Premium Termite Protection Plan provides our customers with the peace of mind that their homes are safeguarded against all termite infestations. These termites are very destructive, we eliminate the infestation with a complete treatment. San Diego Pest Management has performed many jobs for HOA's, commercial properties, apartment and condo complexes

Pests can range from small to large, and the amount of problems they can cause vary widely, so you should be prepared with some basic knowledge about pest control. An important tool of pest control is identification. Understanding exactly what is plaguing your house will go a long way in finding the best solution to your infestation problems. That's

Whether you live in San Diego inland or closer to the ocean, you're going to have issues with ants in Southern California! Ant infestations can be very frustrating. The scout ants leave a chemical trail with pheromones that other ants can follow. Once they have found a reliable source of food or water the rest of the colony is not far behind! The ant

The common female house spider can produce more than 1,600 eggs throughout her lifetime. While most household spiders are harmless, several species can be incredibly dangerous and at times even lethal. Spiders are masters of disguise, often hiding in the deep corners of your home that you cannot see or reach. When you contact San Diego Pest Management

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