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Founded in 2008 as K-9 Sweeps, we quickly became the #1 true local Las Vegas Bed Bug Expert. We specialize in all aspect of bed bugs and beyond. In 2015 the company transitioned its' name to Guaranteed Pest Solutions to better reflect our expanded services. With our 1,000's of satisfied customers, along with our guarantees that back up our service, you can be assured your home or business will remain bed bug, pest, and rodent free.

We don't just treat existing bed bug infestations - we eliminate bed bug infestations. K-9 Sweeps always recommends the right treatment based on your bed bug problem. Whether your entire house is infested or just one room has bed bugs, we will get rid of all bed bugs - guaranteed. We have the knowledge and tools to quickly and accurately inspect an entire apartment, condominium, home or commercial facility.

We confirm exactly what room or rooms have bed bugs and only treat the rooms visually confirmed with bed bugs.

read more › It is absolutely critical you read this section to understand why K-9 Sweeps is the smart choice when it comes to bed bugs. Knowledge is key. We know the industry, the various inspection and treatment methods, and we know what works and what doesn't work. K-9 Sweeps Chief Operating Officer is a leading expert in the field of Bed Bug Solutions - - K-9 Sweeps is the only local Las Vegas Pest Control Company that is licensed and insured that only handles bed bugs! We offer the latest and most advanced technology available for inspection and treatment options.

read more › K-9 Sweeps LLC is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by appointment, to meet the discreet and essential service elements required by our most valued clientele. K-9 Sweeps LLC is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada and delivers fast, effective service to the surrounding areas. We absolutely love what we do and look forward to designing a program to serve your unique situation. It is our belief service is not just about locating Bed Bugs. It is about a responsible approach, innovative solutions and most of all, happy clients!

read more › Dogs work for food and love, not profits. They operate in an incredibly efficient manner, being able to accurately identify and pinpoint Bed Bug harboring sites. Hotel rooms can be examined for Bed Bug eggs in a matter of three to four minutes per room. A human inspector can take up to one hour per room. Scent dogs are known to be over ninety percent accurate, as opposed to visual inspections by humans, who fall in the thirty to forty percent accuracy range. In addition to being a more cost effective option to identify Bed Bug infestations, K9 sniffing dogs deliver peace of mind.

read more › I do have receipts from the other two companies which I have sent in Airbnb. It is James and I who still felt unsure and had questions about the incident and safety of the unit. So we started our search for one more company to come out. We took our guests complaint very seriously. We still had many questions and concerns after inspection by the two previous companies. This is our business. From the initial conversation and questions put to Karen, to the thorough and professional handling of the inspection, we now have peace of mind that we are on the right track.

read more › K-9 Sweeps is the only pest control company in the Las Vegas area to work strictly with bed bugs. We are highly educated in their biology and behavior and are able to apply this knowledge to our service protocol. With our expertise and K-9 assisted inspections, no other company is better suited to locate the point of origin and areas of concern at your property. Before you hire and pay for bed bug treatments, you need to make sure that it is bed bugs that you are battling. There are other factors that can cause bite-like reactions that resemble bed bug bites, including other pests.

read more › K-9 Sweeps brings the Heat to Las Vegas! K-9 Sweeps, the only "bed bug-only" pest control company located in Las Vegas, and the first in the area to offer bed bug dog inspections, offers the most effective and environmentally responsible way to eliminate bed bugs - Bed Bug Heat Solutions. Our proven method of killing bed bugs is eco-friendly, replacing chemical pesticides, and involves state-of-the-art high tech, hydronic heat to completely eliminate bed bug infestations with one treatment. Most competing systems lack the power required to heat an entire structure.

read more › What option is right for you? We offer every available option for 100% bed bug removal and will recommend and use the right bed bug extermination method based on your current situation. This the most common method used today. This method uses a combination of residual sprays and dust, but can also include contact killing agents and insect growth regulators. When performed correctly and the correct choice of products are used, this method is effective. Pros: Normally the least expensive plan; can be used in all building types; uses pesticides with a residual killing effect typically between 14 to 30 days.

read more › K-9 Sweeps is very different from other Las Vegas Exterminators! Follow-up and customer satisfaction are the last and necessary steps for a sound bed bug protocol. The difference here is your expectations and your current pest control companies interpretation of those expectations. Many Las Vegas pest control companies charge for bed bug service, but do their fees include results? If companies fail to perform or inform you of the importance of steps 1 and 2 and their protocol is the same from job to job, you know you are paying for a service and not results.

read more › Your property is incredibly unique. Guests rely on your accommodations for entertainment, rest and business meetings. Your brand, the reason prospects choose your property, is the most precious asset you have. It must be protected at all costs! Bedbugs are a growing concern in the hospitality industry. Bed Bugs plague 5 star hotels, resorts, extended stay and motels without discrimination! Guests that have been bitten by Bed Bugs are always angry and sometimes proceed with litigation. Employing a canine Bed Bug detecting team demonstrates due diligence.

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