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Call for an appointment and we'll send a friendly, licensed and bonded service professional to your home to take care of your problem. We'll also give you an expert advice regarding long term prevention and protection. Contact us for one-time or contracted services for your commercial property. Our Licensed professionals will let you know what they have done, and what long term solutions will help prevent and protect your location.

Call us for an inspection today. Our licensed professional will recommend a treatment and prevention solution to meet your needs. We have the knowledge and experience to offer eco-friendly treatment options, prevention recommendations. With over 24 years in the pest control industry, Davis Pest Management serves both the commercial and residential needs of the Las Vegas community.

We will serve you with the best of both worlds: first class pest management services, combined with the personal touch of a local, people-friendly company.

read more › Paul Davis is both a US Navy veteran who served overseas during Desert Storm, and a California native. Paul has equal knowledge in both homes and commercial pest control and loves to help rid his customers of there pest issues and help maintain a pest free environment. As a small business entrepreneur, Paul has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and building lifetime customer relationships. Additionally, Paul is fully certified and licensed for all of the services that Davis Pest Management provides.

read more › Humans are the preferred host for the common bed bug, but they will feeds on other household pets such as cats and dogs. In laboratory tests, bed bugs have been found to carry causative agents for several diseases including anthrax, plague, tularemia, yellow fever, relapsing fever and typhus. Bed bugs generally hide in cracks and crevices during daylight hours. Some of their hiding spaces include, folds and tufts in mattresses, coils of springs, hollow bed posts and in heavily infested areas in molding crevices, behind loose wall paper, behind pictures and baseboards.

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