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Reed Services Pest Management is a local, New Mexico business. We are locally owned and operated, family business. We pride ourselves in our technical expertise and excellent customer service. We always do our best to ensure that the job is done right the first time! Let our educated, experienced, and technical team of pest management professionals help you with your pest control problems.

Whether it's weeds or bugs Reed Services has you covered! Had a very good experience with Reed Services. Had a pretty bad sugar ant problem all of a sudden. Called several places & left messages. Reed was the *only* Co. to call me back & they called me back within minutes of receiving my voicemail. This Father & Son team are trustworthy, reliable, professional & do a GREAT job!

Will DEFINITELY be using Reed Services for all of my Pest Control needs from now on!

read more › Don't let weeds take over your yard, get expert help in the fight against weeds and win! Weeds are resilient, but we are more so. We have many methods of weed eradication and prevention. Do you have a disease tree? Set appointment with our experts to assess the tree and see what can be done to keep it alive and thriving!

read more › Do you have pests driving up up the wall? Call the experts at Reed Services Pest Management! We specialize in the extermination and prevention of most pests whether they're insects or rodents. Contact us today! Reed Services Pest Management offers professional bee removal services. In our video below, we were unable to extract the bees and they had to be exterminated for the homeowners to be able to access their home. To learn more about bee removal services, call us today!

read more › Reed Services Pest Management uses a Specialized, Integrated Pest Management Approach System that utilizes Inspection, Identification, Planning, Communication, Action and Follow up to allow for proper pest management using the lease toxic, safe for the environment and most cost effective approach possible. Our System is based on Insect Science, Insect Biology and Natural Green Chemical Science to Eliminate your Bed Bug problem with one treatment and they Do Not come back Guaranteed. Our System uses Chemical and Biological Science that will Kill the bed bugs when treated, leave behind Residual in the cracks and crevasses, of the area treated, that will Kill the bed bugs when they come into contact with the Residual.

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