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Summit Pest Management At Summit Pest Management we know how important getting rid of your pest or wildlife problems is to your health and comfort. Our knowledgeable and friendly pest and wildlife control technicians will evaluate your pest problem, solve it using the best pest control products and techniques, and advise you on how to prevent pest problems in the future.

We know every pest control problem is unique which is why pest control technicians can often stop infestations by using only small amounts of pest control products, or in some cases, none at all. We find that simply removing the conditions that started the pest or wildlife problem will often remedy the situation. Our personal and conscientious approach to pest control is what makes us the most trusted pest control company in the Portland OR and Vancouver WA area.

When you own a business, it's important to keep your staff and customers safe. Pest problems in any commercial environment can pose health hazards, ruined reputations, and decreased business.

read more › We believe in balance when it comes to protecting your structure, your health, and the health of your children and pets from pests. Using reduced-risk pest control products with pinpoint accuracy has been very successful in the elimination of pests and the management of pest problems. The pest control products that are used in our industry are designed to eliminate insects and manage pests. Using the right pest control products correctly and in the right location will prevent or eliminate the pest problem.

read more › Bill Larsen founded Summit Pest Management in 2002 wanting to build a business that stood apart from what he saw happening in the industry. Where so many big companies were out there chasing the big dollar game, Summit Pest Management was built upon honesty, experience, reliability, and adheres to these three core values. H-HONEST - To behave honorably and with impeccable honesty at all times, in every situation, with every customer and every human being that we encounter, to constantly seek the good of others in all that we do.

read more › Integrated Pest Management was first introduced in the 1970s in response to agricultural pests. Since then, it has expanded and completely transferred the entire pest control industry. IPM is now the most-trusted and most-used practice for controlling pests in businesses, homes, schools, health clinics, and more. Integrated Pest Management is an environmentally-sensitive pest control solution that uses common sense and scientific principles. It focuses on preventive measures and using eco-friendly treatments whenever possible.

read more › We know how important it is to keep pests out of your home. Pests are a nuisance, but even worse, they can pose health risks to you and your family, and even damage your home. For over 19 years, we've been providing safe and effective pest control services for homeowners in the Portland and Vancouver area. Our team not only gets rid of pests, but we ensure they don't return with our IPM approach. Our residential pest control services start with a thorough inspection of your property. This is where we'll identify the problem and follow it with a strategy designed to meet the unique needs of your property.

read more › Just like houses, apartments can become a hub for pests. Even a small infestation can turn into a big problem if left unchecked, leading to health issues or damages to the property. To keep your family safe and protect your security deposit, it's important to prevent pests from making your apartment their home. At Summit Pest Management, we know that avoiding or stopping an infestation can be challenging and time-consuming. But, it doesn't have to be! Our expert apartment exterminators are here to help you keep your home clean and safe, without the stress.

read more › Whether you manage a fitness center in Vancouver, run a restaurant in Portland, or own a retail store in Gresham, it's important now more than ever to invest in regular pest control services. Our area is prone to pest problems year-round. A single pest infestation can quickly spread, ruining your business' reputation and even causing shutdowns. The pest control technicians at Summit Pest can help! We provide safe and effective commercial pest control services in the Portland OR and Vancouver WA area.

read more › If you run a food processing facility, we know how important it is that you meet state and federal regulations. Your business relies on it. Unfortunately, a pest infestation can turn your business upside down, fast! Pest infestations can lead to a shut-down, halt operations, and cause food recalls. This can affect employees and even cost the facility owner thousands of dollars. You shouldn't have to worry about pests at your facility, you have enough responsibilities. This is why Summit Pest is proud to provide food processing pest control services to companies in Portland OR.

read more › No matter what industry you're in, it's important to invest in regular industrial pest control services. Year-round pest problems are a fact of life in our area and you cannot afford a pest infestation. Just a single infestation can cause failed inspections, lead to food recalls, and even cause shutdowns. The exterminators at Summit Pest Management can help! We understand how much maintenance goes into running a large industrial building, making it all the more important to enlist an experienced industrial pest control expert.

read more › Pests in your office can be more than just unsightly; if left unchecked, an infestation can cause major damage to your building or lead to health problems for your team. Investing time and energy into office building pest control can help keep your team safe and productive. But, we recognize that keeping pests out can be a full-time job. That's where the exterminators at Summit Pest Management can come in handy! Serving the Portland, OR area since 2002, we are experts in keeping pests at bay so your team can thrive.

read more › Controlling and preventing pests in warehouses can be extremely difficult without professional help. If you own a warehouse with stored goods, you can be certain that pest problems will arise without preventive measures. Below is a list of the most common pests in warehouses. To keep your warehouse pest-free all year long, our Summit Pest Management exterminators will work with you to develop a plan that suits your needs. Here are the steps we implement for our warehouse and industrial pest control program.

read more › Ants are the number one nuisance pest in the country and if you've dealt with them, you know how frustrating they can be. Ant infestations spread fast and can be difficult to control without the help of an experienced exterminator. Fortunately, Summit Pest Management is here to help. We have over 19 years of experience providing the Portland and Vancouver area with effective, long-lasting ant control solutions. How do you know when you have a full-blown ant infestation? Ant nests, trails, and wood shavings are just a few signs of an ant infestation in Portland OR.

read more › No one wants to learn they have bed bugs. These tiny blood-sucking pests can be a real nightmare. Unfortunately, bed bug infestations are on the rise and they can happen to anyone. Bed bugs leave itchy bites on humans and pets, and they can produce allergic reactions. Bed bug infestations are nearly impossible to get rid of which is why it's important to enlist the help of a bed bug exterminator at the first sign of bed bugs. At Summit Pest Management, our bed bug extermination team has more than 19 years of experience.

read more › There's no doubting the importance of bees, wasps, and hornets to our ecosystem, however, they can create dangerous environments when they build their nests near homes and businesses. Stinging insects can be aggressive and produce painful stings which are especially dangerous for anyone who is allergic. This is why it's important to work with a professional wasp exterminator when dealing with a wasp or hornet problem. The bee, wasp, and hornet control experts at Summit Pest Management provide safe, effective, and long-term bee and wasp removal services to keep you protected all year long.

read more › Beetles may not appear to be very concerning pests, but they're a common problem for both residential and commercial properties year-round. Beetle infestations can spread fast, and some species are even destructive. Because it can sometimes be tricky to control beetle infestations, it's best to enlist the help of a beetle exterminator when dealing with these pests. At Summit Pest Management, we know how frustrating beetle infestations can be which is why we're proud to offer full-service beetle removal services to homeowners and businesses in the Portland OR and Vancouver WA area.

read more › Birds might not strike you as being pests however, when they nest on your property or grow in numbers, they can certainly get to a point where they're a nuisance. Birds can produce loud squawking noises and damage crops and gardens. Bird droppings are also of concern because they contain an acid that can discolor vehicles, machinery, stairways, and more. Even worse, bird droppings can contain as many as 60 different types of diseases and infections harmful to humans. When it comes to bird control, it's always best to work with a professional bird removal company because there are a number of birds protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.

read more › Cockroaches are one of the most disgusting pests. In addition to being gross-looking, these pests spread diseases and bacteria wherever they travel, putting you and your family at risk. With their exceptional survival skills, cockroaches can be very difficult to get rid of. In fact, they can withstand temperatures as cold as 32 degrees Fahrenheit. We at Summit Pest Management, have been protecting residential and commercial customers in the Portland and Vancouver area for more than 19 years. Our exterminators will work with you to eliminate your cockroach problem and keep it gone for good!

read more › Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying pests in the Portland and Vancouver area, especially in the spring and summer. While everyone knows they're a nuisance, not everyone knows they can be dangerous. The biggest concern with mosquitoes is their ability to spread various diseases including West Nile Virus, malaria, and dengue fever. When it comes to effective mosquito control, your best bet is prevention. At Summit Pest Management, we know what it takes to keep mosquitoes off of your property.

read more › Rodents are some of the most obnoxious and disgusting pests. They're known for spreading over 35 diseases-which can be transmitted through feces, urine, saliva, or rodent bites. Rodents are also very destructive with their chewing and nesting behaviors. When it comes to rat and mouse control, DIY does not offer long-term relief. The only effective way to get rid of rodents for good is by working with a professional rodent exterminator who specializes in exclusion methods. Summit Pest Management has been providing safe, effective, and environmentally responsible rodent control in the Portland and Vancouver area for more than 19 years.

read more › We know how nerve-wracking it can be to see spiders in your home which is why we offer, safe and effective spider removal services in the Portland and Vancouver area. Spiders are solitary predators that prefer to live in cool, dark places where they will go undisturbed. Identifying spiders can sometimes be difficult, especially when they look similar like the Black Widow and the False Black Widow. This is why it's best to work with an experienced spider exterminator when dealing with a spider infestation.

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