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Family Home Pest Control With over 40 years' experience offering proven pest control in Portland and the surrounding area, you can count on results from us. We guarantee your satisfaction! Since 1975 Family Home Pest Control has offered thorough, lasting pest control in Portland and the Greater Metro and SW Washington areas. We focus on complete customer satisfaction. A large part of what makes us stand out is our experience in the field.

We identify and specifically target the insects we are eliminating. We don't just blanket an area with the harshest product on the market, but rather complete an inspection identifying the unique combination of pests on your premises and apply a pest control plan that is aimed at eliminating those specific threats. We offer different packages to our customers so you can find the right one for your needs and your budget.

Our friendly certified pest control professionals help you decide on the right flow up, depending on the type of rodents or insects you have and the severity of the infestation.

read more › Our professional team offers inspection services for exterior, interior and aerial locations. We create a customized solution for your property, and guarantee results. Since 1975 we have been providing residential and commercial properties with pest control options with Certified Technicians. Family Home Pest Control in Portland, Oregon is a comprehensive pest control business, offering a wide variety of exterminating services for nearly any pest imaginable. We service the entire Portland Metro area and surrounding cities, and are committed to providing excellent customer service and effective solutions to keep your home pest free and back to its original, comfortable environment.

read more › At Family Home Pest Control, we offer a long list of comprehensive services for just about any pest control problem there is. Our experienced and friendly exterminators will get rid of the pests for good and do their absolute best to carry out a smooth process. Termites, carpenter ants, and other small ants can easily go undetected and the damage can be financially detrimental. We can do an inspection to assess the severity of the infestation and create a customized treatment plan for you. We also have effective solutions for rodent control.

read more › For trusted ant removal in Portland, don't wait to contact a trusted pest control service like Family Home Pest Control. Odorous house ants are among the most common ants we see in our customers' homes. They are tiny, brown or black, and build colonies with thousands of workers and queens. They are often difficult to control because of how tiny they are, and how many sub-colonies they build, which can be hard to find. You may think you've killed them all but if a few manage to get away, they'll be likely to come back with a vengeance.

read more › For comprehensive pest control service in Portland, trust in Family Home Pest Control. Bed Bugs have become a great problem in much of United States. They often hitch rides when people visit hotels that have bed bug problems and have not gotten proper bed bug removal. Bed Bugs are bugs that require a blood meal to survive. Since they can survive months without feeding, they can travel great distances. They are considered a parasitic insect. They are nocturnal in nature, meaning that they feed at nighttime and hide during the day.

read more › Don't wait for professional pest control service that includes bee removal in Portland. At Family Home Pest Control, bees and wasps are also common in our customers' properties and we know just how to get rid of them. While these terms are often used interchangeably, each of these species is slightly different. Bees usually only attack if they feel threatened. They can only sting once because they lose their stinger and a single sting isn't usually dangerous unless the individual is allergic. Wasps are insects related to both bees and ants.

read more › Fleas can jump quite high. They jump onto pets and hitch a ride into the house. As time goes by they reproduce eggs and those eggs drop off the pet and turn into larvae. Before you know it you have an infestation in your structure that requires professional flea removal in Portland. Our pest control service has been providing Portland with flea removal for many years. Here in Portland, we have several species and some are more difficult to deal with than others. In preparation for flea treatment, as much floor space as possible needs to be cleared.

read more › For comprehensive roach removal in Portland, you want Family Home Pest Control. Roaches can be difficult. They often only come out at night to scavenge the areas you use most for food. Though you might think be hesitant to get professional roach removal in Portland, OR if you only see one or two, there are likely many more that you cannot see. These nocturnal pests can cause a number of problems if left untreated. It's imperative to get professional help from a professional pest control service as soon as possible.

read more › When you need rodent removal in Portland it can help to be informed about what you're encountering, so call our pest control service today. A rodent is a gnawing mammal of an order (Rodentia) that includes mice and rats in the Northwest. Rodents have an amazing ability to adapt themselves to different environments. There are two different types of rats that commonly require rodent removal in Portland. One is the Norway rat, and the other is a roof rat. They are able to both coexist in the same structure but most of the time, the Norway rat is a little bit more aggressive and even aggressive towards roof rats.

read more › For comprehensive spider removal in Portland, look no further. The expert exterminators at Family Home Pest Control have dealt with all sorts of spiders, big and small. Here in the northwest, there are so many different kinds, it's hard to keep track! One of the most common and dangerous ones we find, however, is the Hobo Spider, also known as the Aggressive House Spider. These spiders travel very fast and far. They create funnel-shaped webs and are typically small and brown in color. Their venomous bite is not too painful initially, but can cause side effects such as headaches, nausea, weakness, and blurred vision.

read more › When it comes to professional termite removal in Portland from a licensed pest control service, it helps to know what you're facing. Termites are responsible for billions of dollars worth of property damage every year. The longer you wait to have Family Home Pest Control perform a termite inspection, the greater the damage. That occurs for several reasons. Termites don't have a traditional sleep/wake cycle. They work 24-hours a day. What are they working on? Expanding their colony. That's fine in the middle of the forest, but when that colony is in your home and their food source is your support structure, you need to act fast.

read more › Family Home Pest Control offers a full pest library for our clients to know exactly which type of pest they are dealing with in our area. Please contact our professional with any questions about pests, our services, or for a free consultation. Varying from brown to black with and without wings these ants like to nest in damp locations and prefer to excavate wood that has been damaged by water. From their nests in the beams, floors or walls, they scavenge a house for food. One of the largest members of the ant family, carpenter ants take their name from their habit of chewing passageways (called "galleries") inside wood.

read more › I worked in an older building where we had a real rodent problem. We called Family Home Pest Control, they came out that day and figured out a detailed plan for us. Within a week we didn't see a mouse. It was a total transformation. My house had been infested with spiders. We tried the sprays that you get from the store and nothing worked. We decided to call Family Home Pest Control and they helped us get back to living without spiders in our bath tubs. A big thanks to them! Dear Family Home Pest Control Team, You have provided the utmost in quality service and have gone above and beyond the call of duty to rid our home of pests.

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