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We are your family owned and operated Pest Control Company! Do you need pest control for ants, fleas, stinkbugs, yellow jackets, mice or other insects and rodents? Our integrated method of pest elimination means you get a taylored solution for your home or business and not just a one-size-fits-all approach. We treat you like family and not just another customer.

Each place is different. We'll integrate our investigation, treatment recommendation, plan recommendation, and tips for prevention with each new customer. We're great listeners. We value your time and care about your home and will take the time upfront to learn what issues you've been having. This is your chance to show-and-tell where the critters and crawlers are.

Pests can run but they can't hide from our years of expertice in uncovering their favorite outposts. Some are more obvious than others, but pests are predictable and knowing when and where they appear is our specialty. We'll look for activity, investigate entry and exit points and search for additional causes or sources.

read more › Our 6 Month Ant Program is designed to treat and make recommendations to reduce and eliminate ants, then come back in 3-4 weeks to reapply and assess activity. The 90 Day Rodent Program is geared especially toward eliminating rodents like rats and mice. After the initial treatment we'll return in two weeks to reassess. After we return and re-assess in two weeks, we are on-call as you need us for the remaining period. Protect your investment year-round with our 12 Month Home Protection Program. This is a great choice for those of us in the Northwest who have recurring pest issues with each season.

read more › We love helping property managers, building engineers, store managers and business owners keep their workplaces pest free. Commercial buildings are at just as much risk of pests as residential dwellings. The main difference between our residential and commercial pest control programs is frequency of treatment. Commercial treatment is typically a monthly service where we monitor and replace bait stations and insect traps as needed. If there is an increase in activity, we are aware of it before it gets to be a major problem.

read more › There are many preventative measures that can be done to reduce pest issues. There are some over the counter products that can work occasionally, but the label is the law on these pesticides! If you violate the instructions you are liable to face severe consequences. We are always happy to provide information to help out! Check the mattress tufts, boxspring folds, headboard, frame and pictures for any signs of bed bugs like blood spots or eggs. Keep your luggage on the luggage rack (after making sure it has no signs of bed bugs).

read more › Keep all vegetation trimmed at least 1-2 feet from all structures on property. This will take away the ability for rodents and insects to gain direct access to your home from above. Keep pet food in a sealed container, and avoid leaving excess food out in dishes or on floors. Pet food is one of the biggest causes for ants and rodents, as they both really like to dine on your pets food!. Seal any openings, cracks or voids to crawl space vents and foundation, around plumbing, flashing around eaves and chimneys to prevent access routes for all pests.

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