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Gecko Pest Management We offer pest control services in Tucson, Arizona that include Termites, Pack Rats, Mosquitoes, Bed Bugs, Bees, Spiders and more. Ask about our Gecko Guard Pest Management preventative maintenance service. Do you have termites? Not sure? We offer expert termite control in Tucson for home or business. Get a free quote and see our unique and proven approach to Tucson exterminating and Termite Control.

read more › Gecko Pest Management is a local, Tucson family owned business started in 2001. Gecko has built a strong brand in Tucson for great service and value, backed by their promise to solve your problem with no excuses - whether you're struggling with pest management or weed removal. Our employees are well-trained, courteous, professional and thoughtful. We understand our most valuable assets are the relationships that we build with our clients, one customer at a time. At Gecko, we always live by the philosophy to: "Do the right thing, especially when no one is looking."

read more › Our Tucson family-owned pest control business grows thanks to our happy customers spreading the word, both through referrals and online reviews. We've found these review sites to be very helpful in keeping our business thriving. We would truly appreciate a review from you! Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied. If this is not the case, we would appreciate it if you would give us a chance to address your concerns before leaving feedback. If you already have a Google account (Gmail, YouTube, or Google Apps), you can quickly leave us a review here.

read more › Frequently asked questions about our Pest Control and Weed Removal Services in the Tucson Area. A: No. Inside service is no additional charge. Some homeowners never want inside service and others choose to do it periodically. If you elect not to have inside service during maintenance services, you can always contact your technician afterwards if you need us to come by and take care of your home's interior, on your schedule. A: That all depends on the type of construction and foundation your home has, your preferences, amount of work needed, size and scope of work, and your budget.

read more › At Gecko Pest Management in Tucson, we specialize in unique Arizona desert pest problems. Our Tucson pest control services begin with value and safe practices, and end in a solid solution. We take into account that every property (and property owner) is different. Many desert pest control problems are equally unique, requiring a customized solution protocol. That's where Gecko Pest Management comes in! What our clients are saying about preventative Pest Control Tucson services from Gecko Pest Management:.

read more › Although termites are believed to be the #1 cause of damage to our homes, the pack rat is the real household pest king, causing significant damage to our property. While it generally takes years for termites to cause damage enough to need repair, pack rats can rack up thousands of dollars in damage in a single night by destroying our vehicle wiring, A/C unit wiring, pool equipment etc., not to mention the health hazards caused by their fecal material, urine and parasites that live in their nests.

read more › Throughout our careers in the pest control industry, it has always been perplexing how people will gladly spend thousands of dollars to eliminate a bedbug problem - but they often don't know they can inquire about mosquito control, much less spend money to control mosquitoes. As we call to check on customers and make sure everything is bug free, they often say, Everything is good! Well, except for the mosquitoes, but I know nothing can be done for them. This is a common misconception propagated by companies who don't want to spend the time or money trying to control a flying pest, as controlling flying pests is much harder.

read more › Call us today for a FREE consultation at (520) 579-1701! We will come to your residence or commercial property and confirm the presence of Bed Bugs. Afterwards, your Gecko Pest Management Pro can present some treatment options and estimate at your request. Our Tucson bed bug control experts can help keep this nuisance from becoming a nightmare! What was once just an innocent children's rhyme but a couple years ago is beginning to ring true for households all over the United States. Bed Bugs have been dated as far back as cavemen, first feeding on humans in caves that we shared with bats.

read more › Bees populate Tucson and the surrounding Arizona desert areas year-round, but it's important to note that their peak time is spring and early summer. When we talk bees at Gecko Pest Management, we are specifically talking about Africanized Honeybees. First, let's cover a little about the bees, their biology, and why you may need bee control services in Tucson. Bees are often harmless, however if you are concerned about bees at your house, you should call Gecko Pest Management for a free consultation with one of our Tucson bee control experts.

read more › We have developed effective and comprehensive treatment protocols to solve tough Tucson Termite Control problems. We take into account that every home and home owner is not the same when we develop a personalized solution to protect your most valuable asset. We are proud of our Termite Elimination Services. We prefer to use Termidor termitacide which has proven to GECKO to be the most effective termite elimination product available. Termidor termitacide is more expensive than the other products, but it out performs the other products in both immediate control and on going elimination of the termite colonies.

read more › Common household pests can be hazardous to your health and pose risks to your home, but they can also be dangerous for your pets, too. Being proactive with a pest management system can help you prevent more serious problems, such as disease and structural damage, from occurring. Still, when you have vulnerable family members you. Are you moving to Tucson? Welcome! We have a lot to offer. From brilliant desert scenery and picturesque wineries to the expansive mountain ranges and diverse wildlife, we have a little something for everyone.

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