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PRIZM IPM Solutions was founded by Bill Melville, a respected and recognized industry veteran who has worked throughout North America, while serving in senior management, executive, and technical roles with one of our leading pest management companies. He has served on the boards of many different states, provincial and national pest management associations
Good Earth has been built upon environmentally responsible pest management, emphasizing honesty & integrity. Our adventure started when Rich and Rene Kesecker decided to better their lives. They wanted to leave behind the big-city hustle and find a place more conducive to raising a family. With no clear path in place, Rich and Rene quit their jobs,
AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc. is your full-service pest control company and has provided pest elimination services for over 20 years. We're your first choice for quality services at reasonable prices for reliable residential and commercial termite and pest control services. Our company is family owned and operated, and you can count on us for personalized
Lance McGinnis (owner) enjoys getting to know customers, offering a personal and effective approach to everyday pest control. You may find him hiking/running in Forest Park, indulging in the unique culture and food of Portland, spending time with family, and engaging in sporting events. Lance also earned a degree in theology from Portland Bible College
Solid Pest Solutions is all about maintaining a cohesive relationship with our environment and our clients. We believe that being fully honest is an important value to uphold. This doesn't always get us the job and we're okay with that. We will always do what is best for our clients and the environment at hand. If you are a client with expectations
The experts at Bill's Pest Control LLC have the skills and ability to handle all of your pest control needs. Our owner, Bill, has over 15 years of experience in the industry. He knows a lot about keeping the creepy crawlies away for good! Our technicians receive ongoing training to ensure they stay on top of various pest control methods. All of our
Managing the Portland Metro Market, Gary has been in the pest control industry for over 12 years now. His passion for helping people and their families shows in the excellent work he provides. Gary has been married for 11 years to his wife Heather and they have 4 wonderful, energetic kids. Gary and Heather are very active in the community of their home
When most individuals discover a pest problem, they want the problem eliminated immediately. However, most problems can wait a few days so you have time to select a competent, reasonably priced pest removal company. Fuller's Pest Management can give you a free quote as to what it is going to take to resolve your pest or rodent problem. We are highly
While we're not the biggest pest control search platform, we work harder and smarter than the competition in order to make sure your dollar and time go much further. We strive to provide a service that is easy-to-use for our customers, clients, and users. GetPestProtection helps people to find the best exterminator for their family & home, while providing
Wildwoods Pest Control is a local, family owned pest control company serving the entire Portland Metro area located in Eagle Creek, Oregon. We believe that being small is our strength and that our low overhead allows us the ability to pass. Wildwoods Pest Control has the environment in mind when we do pest control treatments. Employing an approach to
While just a young lad in the searing Australian summers, my brother and I would often go searching for the ants that often invaded our childhood home. We thought if we could find their nest and destroy it, then those ants would leave us alone for good, but little did we know the ants we were up against were bull ants, not sugar ants! Even though we
We've been in the pest control business since 1991, and during that time have served more than 25,000 customers in the state of Oregon alone. We are a leading Eco-friendly pest control company and our commitment to environmental safety, quality, and customer service has never been stronger. How does All Natural Pest Elimination protect your home from
As a family man, it is important for me to know that the company I work for really does care about its clients. Many of whom are also families just like my own. In today's market, it's easy for a company of business to say that it cares. With Aspen Pest Control, I can attest that it really does care. You wouldn't let just anybody into your home. All
Hello, I am Merle Jackson, the owner, and operator of Merle's Pest Control. The beginning of anything great starts with an idea, a hope, and a dream. It is my hope and dream to make Merle's Pest Control company simply the best and most effective and efficient pest control in Eugene Oregon and surrounding areas. Some can boast of their size and number
Dave is David Ottovich. And as we mentioned, he's an Associate Certified Entomologist with decades of experience running large corporations and in all types of pest control. Dave's a walking encyclopedia of information about things that creep, slink, buzz or skitter in the night. Or during the day. He's twice been president of the OPCA (Oregon Pest
My grandfather, Gene Shrum, returned from World War II in the 1940s, where he served in the Army. He quickly found work with a large regional pest management company by the name of RD Pest Control. RD was one of the largest pest control companies in the pacific northwest at that time. Gene started as a route technician and quickly built a name for himself
Local and family-owned, Infinity Pest Solutions began with the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Since 2010, we've been providing Eugene, Oregon, and the surrounding areas with top-notch residential and commercial pest control, crawl space cleaning, and gutter cleaning solutions. Your pest control and cleaning needs are
Our Field Team is comprised of State Licensed and Company Certified technicians that undergo continuous education to maintain their licenses and company certification. Each member of our staff undergo comprehensive background checks to insure our customers safety. Our Customer Service Team is always in our office during business hours (M-F 8AM-5PM)
If you've made it this far, Banish Pest Control would first like to thank you for visiting our site and for your consideration in choosing Banish as the solution to your pest problem! Banish Pest Control is equipped to handle virtually ALL your pest control needs. Banish specializes in Small Ants, Carpenter Ants, rodents such as Mice and Rats, Spiders