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Chem-free Organic Pest Control is the leading local provider of low-impact, environmentally friendly natural pest control for Houston homes and businesses. Prevent damage to your biggest investment with termite treatments to eliminate both existing colonies and to avoid future infestations. Protect your family from dangerous diseases spread by these bloodsucking pests and reclaim your yard from the swarms of mosquitoes with Chem-free's holistic solutions.

Safeguard your furry family members from flea bite dermatitis and keep your household from contracting any tick-borne illnesses, including Lyme disease with a whole-property approach to these pests. Rats, mice, raccoons, opossums and other creatures can do some serious damage to your home and yard. Chem-free's pros can humanely relocate these animals to their proper habitat and install barriers to fend off return visitors.

Bed bugs are so small that these pests are virtually impossible to control using a DIY approach. Chem-free's experts can find where these pests and hiding and eliminate both live bed bugs and eggs.

read more › Chem-free Organic Pest Control is proud to provide Houston's homeowners and business owners with a different kind of pest control: a gentler, more environmentally friendly approach than 99% of competing pest management firms. We understand that Houston area consumers care deeply about the environment and are proud to prove that effective pest management practices can also do right by our beloved planet. Chem-free was founded and is owned by the Jenkins family (of ABC Home & Commercial Services).

read more › At Chem-free Organic Pest Control, we understand that we'd be nothing without our dedicated, knowledgeable team members. That's why we're continuously seeking motivated, personable candidates with experience - or willingness to gain experience - in the pest control business. Do you have what it takes to be the next valued member of the Chem-free team? From our Integrated Pest Management protocols to our gentle, holistic approach to taking care of your home, every Chem-free service upholds our unwavering commitment to responsible environmental stewardship.

read more › The Chem-free Organic Pest Control team provides a broad lineup of environmentally friendly pest control solutions that revolve around the sustainable, low-impact philosophy of Integrated Pest Management. Our friendly, experienced specialists are happy to evaluate your specific needs and offer a comprehensive pest management plan that respects your property and solves your issues in sustainable, long-term fashion. Our team will promptly review your request and contact you to schedule an appointment at a time of your choosing and explain more about the pest management process.

read more › You have an infestation. You know you need to deal with it. But how? You're certainly not risking the safety of your kids or pets with chemicals that could hurt them. Well, with Chem-free, you don't have to. Our holistic pest management program is designed to only minimally impact people, pets and the planet, while still providing a long-lasting solution to your problem. Chem-free is the green pest control Houston has been waiting for. What do homeowners in Houston get when they make an appointment with an organic pest control professional from Chem-free?

read more › Did you know that 7 out of 10 wooden structures in Texas will be attacked by termites within 20 years of being built? In Houston, the problem is particularly bad, with a termite "season" that practically includes the entire year due to our warm, humid weather. If you spot termites on your property, you need to deal with them fast to prevent extensive-and costly-damage. At Chem-free, we provide termite control in Houston that eliminates these pests while minimizing the impact on both you and the environment.

read more › They carry diseases like West Nile virus and Zika. Unfortunately, they target you, your family and your pets. There's no way around it-you must take measures to keep yourself safe. Unfortunately, many of the chemical "solutions" that protect us from mosquitoes can be just as dangerous. Chem-free's Houston mosquito control treatments provide long-term solutions that minimize the impact on your loved ones and the environment. As every Houstonian knows, dealing with a mosquito infestation is tough.

read more › Houston appears to have been created with fleas and ticks in mind, especially in the summer, when it can seem like these pests are everywhere. How can you get rid of these nasty, disease-carrying bugs without dousing your house or pets with nasty chemicals? That's where Chem-free comes in. We offer our customers options for low-impact tick and flea treatment that are designed to eliminate the problem without harming your loved ones or damaging the environment. Fleas and ticks may not appear to be a huge problem at first, so people often try to deal with them on their own.

read more › Houston is a haven for rats and similar pests that can cause damage and spread disease. Want to remove them in a way that's both humane and safe for your family and the environment? With Chem-free rodent control, Houston homeowners get the best of both worlds. When you contact Chem-free to help with critter control around your property, you never have to worry about us using chemicals that might bring harm to you and your loved ones. That's because we prefer a more natural approach that focuses on making your home unfriendly to rodents.

read more › Pillows. Nightstands. Curtains. Wall hangings. If you find a bed bug somewhere in your home, they're probably already everywhere. You have no choice-you'll need to have a bed bug exterminator in Houston eradicate them for good. Where you do have a choice is in the way you eliminate these pesky pests. At Chem-free, we prioritize the health and safety of your loved ones, specializing in the use of bed bug heat treatments that are non-toxic and-if needed-other "least toxic" products. Houston is highly ranked in a lot of areas, but "number of bed bug infestations" is one ranking everyone who lives here wishes we could get rid of.

read more › A pest problem can have a huge impact on your business. As environmental and health concerns have driven residential demand for eco-friendly solutions, business owners have adapted their pest control methods to align with changing consumer preferences. When it comes to commercial pest control, Houston area business owners count on Chem-free to develop industry-specific treatment plans to both eliminate existing pests and prevent future infestations. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, business owners are responding to increased consumer demand for low-impact pest solutions by choosing environmentally-responsible commercial pest control.

read more › As Houston's most ecologically friendly pest control company, we're proud to do our part to protect and nourish the local environment. That's why we rigidly adhere to the protocols of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a holistic approach that achieves maximum effectiveness with minimal impact. It's also why we're Green Pro certified, a distinction awarded to less than 1% of all U.S. pest control companies. IPM is a practice which says that treating a home for pests means looking at the home holistically.

read more › If you're reading this, you're probably aware that we like to do things a bit differently at Chem-free Organic Pest Control. Chem-free is the greater Houston area's leading provider of totally natural, low-impact pest control solutions. Our green philosophy is simple: execute the most effective, longest-lasting pest control program possible without jeopardizing the health and well-being of our customers, their kids, their pets or the natural environment in which they live. We're proud to do our part to leave Houston in even better shape than we found it - and to afford future generations the same opportunities to experience the natural world that ours currently has.

read more › Chem-free Organic Pest Control provides Houston-area homeowners and business owners with natural, low-impact pest control solutions that respect the health of their pets, children, lawns and surrounding wild areas while delivering effective solutions to unwanted infestations. Our approach to pest control is rooted in the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a simple philosophy that's endorsed by the EPA and practiced by forward-thinking number of pest control companies. Integrated Pest Management is defined by the EPA as "effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common-sense practices."

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