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RAM Exterminators was founded in 1986 by David and Janice Crider with ten years in the pest control industry. Both David and Janice were raised with families that valued hard & honest work and the importance of family. David's father was a hard working man who supported his wife and eleven children. He carried his small town family values into all of his work.

He treated each job as if he was doing it for his own family. He showed David by example how to go the extra mile to do the job right and never cut corners. These same values are the core of Ram Exterminators today. RAM Exterminators has now celebrated over 30 years in business. Janice Crider still runs the original RAM in the small town of Horton, Kansas.

Through the years, David and Janice's two sons and a nephew have worked in the business. Their oldest son Jared continues to work at the original RAM. Dave's other son, John and nephew, Mark have teamed up with Jared to help start the first franchise in Kansas City. They continue to run the business modeled after the values passed down by David's father.

read more › Professional termite inspections are necessary because termites do not live where we can easily see them. Subterranean termites are the most prevalent type of termite in the USA. They live in underground nests, getting moisture from the soil and eating cellulose which they find in plant matter and in wood. This is why they can often be found in any wooden structure that is close to the ground. A full termite inspection will be able to discover any subterranean termite infestation you may have in your Kansas City home.

read more › Buying a new home in the Kansas City area may be the biggest investment you'll ever make. Protecting your home from unwanted pests is the first step in protecting that investment. Pest control and management has become a major industry in helping preserve the value of your home. At RAM Exterminators, our pest control service will help control existing bugs in your Kansas City home and keep the rest of the bugs outside where they belong. Below is a comprehensive list of the pests that Ram Exterminators can help you control in your home or business.

read more › Ram Exterminators prides itself on fast and dependable service for all of it's commercial business accounts. We know that helping a business is all about accountability and partnership. We are there when you need us - whether it's a routine service call or an emergency. Our commercial services are tailored to fit your needs. We offer quarterly, monthly, or weekly pest control service. Our account managers will sit down and assess the needs of your business with you and create a program unique to your facility.

read more › All ants live in colonies, consisting of an egg-laying female (queen), short-lived males, and workers (sterile females). The ants you see foraging in your garden or kitchen are workers. Workers that find food communicate with other workers by depositing a chemical message on the substrate as they crawl back to the nest. Although we cannot smell it, this "trail pheromone" sticks to the substrate for long periods of time and helps other ants find the food at the end of the trail. In the spring, ants develop wings and fly to new locations and invade homes to forage for food or to establish a new nest.

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