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We offer flexible treatment schedules that fit your needs: Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually, and Seasonal Service. Russell Pest Control has been serving the Valley and surrounding areas since 1996. We are a family-owned business and understand the local pest population and how to manage it. We also have a great respect for the environment and the role bees play in our future.

We always opt to remove, rather than destroy, a bee hive. Our service professionals are trustworthy, experienced and licensed technicians who will inspect your home and property to determine a management plan geared to your specific circumstances. We offer a gauntlet of residential services tailored to the needs of our customers, and won't sell you anything you don't need.

No hidden fees, start-up costs, or gimmicks! Just professional service when and where you need it. Our pest control will rid your home of common pests such as ants, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, spiders, beetles, and earwigs and more. We also treat homes for desert dwellers such as scorpions and rodents.

read more › Russell Pest Control has been protecting the property of business owners and tenants since 1996. Specializing in Single and Multi-tenant buildings, Russell Pest Control delivers the dependable and fast service that Property Managers and Owners are looking for. We work with on-site property managers and staff to help correct conditions that can cause infestations.

read more › Termites are rampant throughout the Valley, and, as the old joke says, "There are two kinds of homes: those that have termites and those that will get termites." But a termite infestation can be controlled and managed with the proper termite treatment! Termite control should be determined by the type of termite which has infested the home. Most commonly, a homeowner will see termites in the spring when they swarm. The swarm is a batch of termites looking to start a new colony, so when they arrive at their desired destination, they land, and their wings fall off.

read more › Silverfish are commonly found in homes where boxes, books, and other paper goods and foods consumed by silverfish are stored. While they aren't poisonous or harmful, they leave unsightly stains on these products where they chew or graze, ranging from light to dark gray. Silverfish don't bite, but they're kind of creepy, because of the way they move. Some people have an allergic reaction when they are around, possibly because of the skins they shed when they molt. They range from a half-inch to an inch in length.

read more › Some species of ants enter tiny cracks in your home looking for spills and other food in the kitchen. Ants range from the larger size all the way down to tiny. They tend to travel on trails established by scout ants looking for food. Along the way, there are pheromones to help guide the ant colony members-straight to your kitchen! Home ant control can be frustrating and time consuming process, and often involves chemicals the average cook does not want around food. That's why a professional service can be such a great tool.

read more › Wasps are the bane of any outdoor activity, especially parties, barbecues, and other events that involve food. They will nest under eaves and patios, in the attic and crawl spaces, and other places that allow them to keep cool and dry, but still have easy access to food and water. A wasp attack can be minor if there are only one or two stings, but thirty or forty stings can kill a person. If a wasp swarms you or threatens you, cover your head and run. A wasp will call the rest of the nest to come help defend the nest if it feels the nest is threatened.

read more › Regardless of the variety, many people have a phobia of spiders, and their webs can leave a home with a creepy, neglected look. By and large spiders are helpful in the landscape as they eat a large portion of other undesirable pests. However, many people still fear them, especially when they discover an infestation of one of the less desirable varieties. Some spiders are poisonous, and even non-poisonous bites can be painful. Spiders range from daddy long legs, to the ugly-but-harmless wolf spider, to the shy, hairy tarantula, to the black widow or dreaded brown recluse.

read more › Scorpions come in several varieties, but the most notable is the bark scorpion, which ranges from a pale yellow to a deep tan color. At birth, scorpions live on their mother's back until they're old enough to fend for themselves. The sight of a mother scorpion with a dozen or more babies on her back can be an unnerving experience. The bark scorpion attacks by stabbing repeatedly, and because they can climb and hang upside down, their resting places are almost limitless. While there are dozens of types of scorpions in Arizona, the bark scorpion is the most worrisome, as it is the most dangerous.

read more › Fleas and ticks can be transmitted to your pet in many ways. Being around other pets, the dog park, or even in their own backyard after a rabbit, small rodent, or feral cat has wandered through can give these unpleasant pests access to your pets. It's not unknown for visitors to bring in pests which may be clinging to their pant legs, shoes, or socks. The entire home should be treated once the presence of fleas or ticks has been verified. This treatment includes carpets and rugs. Your pet will have to be treated, as well, so we recommend using a medicated shampoo so fleas and ticks won't reinfest the home following treatment.

read more › In addition to house mice, packrats, and deer mice, roof rats have invaded the Valley. They are especially fond of living in citrus trees and are notoriously difficult to control. Russell Pest Control is committed to total management of rodent infestations. We have the tools and equipment to manage rodent infestations. Rodents can be found anywhere there is a potential food source for them. For Valley citrus tree owners, the cause is hanging from their favorite orange tree. For pet owners, the source is in their pet's food or water dish.

read more › Our beautiful Valley weather is perfect for growing lush, giant weeds! Those weeds that were so tiny only a few short days before can become a jungle in short order. Pulling or hoeing those weeds can be hard work and time-consuming. In addition to being frustrating, out-of-control weeds can bring on a nasty letter from the HOA or city inspector, or even a fine. Weeds ruin the beautiful symmetry of a lawn, choke out desirable landscape plants, and are just plain ugly. Fortunately, in addition to being in the pest control business, Russell Pest Control is also in the weed control business.

read more › Russell Pest Control removes pigeons with live traps set up on commercial and residential structures. At Russell Pest we offer a variety of options to rid your home of these pests. Once the pigeons are captured and removed from your property, Russell Pest Control removes all nests and nesting materials. We then Pressure wash with high heat and anti bacterial solution to remove any remaining nesting materials. High heat pressure washing is important to remove the germs and parasites that pigeons carry with them as well as to deter pigeons from returning.

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