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Mature colonies produce winged reproductive ants, called swarmers, that fly out to start new colonies. Appearance of these winged ants in the house is a strong indication there is a nest in the home. Now is the time to protect your family and home from wasps, hornets, carpenter bees, and yellow jackets. Bees and wasps can be dangerous to your family and destructive to your home.

They can ruin a summer day and be general pests for your entire season. Let Salt City Pest Control stop these stinging pest from ruining your summer. WE guarantee our work for the entire season. Call one of the phone numbers listed for a free phone estimate to protect your family and home. For 20 years, Salt City Pest Control has been changing the way insect and rodent control is done.

We specialize in bedbug treatments and providing more of a consumer-friendly pest control service each time we visit your home.

read more › Take the top mattress off box spring and leave off, inspecting it for any rips where Bed Bugs might be hiding. Any TV stands, book shelves and head boards with shelving, also need to be cleared off and taken apart if applicable. Any furniture, couches, love seats etc. must also be vacuumed if sightings were seen on any of these items. All occupants (including pets) must be able to vacate the dwelling for 3 hours to allow treatment to be effective. Following this checklist, along with sanitation and a professional treatment, produces the best results for eliminating bedbugs in your home or office.

read more › If bedbugs aren't a problem, but you have another pest problem, Salt City Pest Control can help. Rodent and insect control services from our professionals keep your home or office more sanitary and safer. Contact Salt City Pest Control for a more enjoyable living or working space. Rats and mice look for shelter and breeding areas in the spring and fall, so the time for them to potentially invade your home is here. You can take back your home from these dangerous, pesky rodents with professional services from our company!

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