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Pest Control Of El Monte You've reached the web page of El Monte Pest & Rodent Control! Our mission is to secure homeowners from spiders, ants, rodents, cockroaches, and just about every other common pest. We feel honored that you trust us with your pest eradication needs. Our positive reputation speaks loudly for how dedicated we are to ensuring the best El Monte pest control services are offered at all times.

If you are having any sort of pest issue, whether it is rodents, bees, or spiders, then phone El Monte Pest & Rodent Control at (626) 593-9648 today! Our customers continue to rave about our pest technicians and enjoy their professionalism and honesty. We have a number of pest control techs who concentrate on residential El Monte pest control treatments.

Every day we're helping folks remove a wide variety of pests including roaches, ants, bed bugs, termites, spiders and so many others. However, because we can help with such a wide variety of pests, we encourage you to phone us regardless of what kind of bug or pest you're dealing with.

read more › The commercial pest control technicians at El Monte Pest & Rodent Control have experience treating the pest control issues that face commercial properties in the El Monte area. Each of our technicians is educated about the pest challenges faced by many of the companies in the El Monte region. We keep our El Monte commercial specialists trained regularly to take advantage of the latest techniques and solutions for treating commercial properties. Because we have serviced many El Monte commercial properties, we've come to understand that each business is unique.

read more › Our El Monte residential pest control services are superior and affordable; call (626) 593-9648 today! El Monte Pest & Rodent Control provides some of the best residential pest control in El Monte, California. Along with typical El Monte residential pest control services, we offer quarterly and annual pest maintenance without a contract. You might have spiders, ants, bed bugs, fleas, earwigs, or some other pest. Regardless, our El Monte residential exterminators are here to protect your family.

read more › With more than two thousand types of termites across the world we don't expect you to know exactly what kind is destroying your property. That's our job! Contrary to what many believe, termites actually serve a handy purpose; El Monte termites recycle wood and plant material. Unfortunately, termites have a less than desirable rep because they cause so much damage to structures and expensive damage at that. More than tens of thousands of these little pests are treated each and every year. One way people often find out they have termites is by stumbling upon damaged wood around the property.

read more › El Monte Pest & Rodent Control prides itself in having some of the best El Monte bed bug exterminators. Recently, we've been managing the rise of El Monte bed bug infestations. Nobody knows without a doubt why the number of beg bugs in El Monte are increasing, but we feel it may be because of the elevated trading of second-hand furniture and the close proximity of homes and even businesses. El Monte bed bugs will make their presence known in a manner that causes it to be impossible to ignore them.

read more › Assuming you have lived in El Monte for any period of time, you are probably no stranger to the bees and wasps. If you need the services of an El Monte bee or wasp expert, then you've come to the right place! El Monte Pest & Rodent Control has bee removal experts who make it their goal to keep safety their #1 priority when helping with bees and other stinging insects. Our stinging insect experts can treat both homes and businesses. Our staff work throughout the entire El Monte, California area to relocate, and if necessary, exterminate, all types of bees.

read more › Cockroaches are one of the terrors that you could face while living in El Monte. Don't be ashamed if you have cockroaches since there's usually nothing you could have done to prevent them from occurring. We have noticed a spike in the number of people having El Monte cockroach problems even with a regularly clean home. This often can happen if you live in a condo or apartment and someone next door, who has cockroaches, leaves. El Monte cockroaches are very good at adapting, which means that they're able to live in conditions that many other pests couldn't.

read more › Having El Monte rodents in your home can be a pain. Mice and rats are known to cause expensive damage to your home by chewing up just about anything they desire. Unfortunately, they are also a hazard to your health as they pose a risk for transmitting diseases through contamination. If the rats or mice decide to attack electronic cables they will chew through them, costing you a lot to repair them. They will also leave feces in their wake which can help identify an El Monte rodent problem but can cause health issues for your family.

read more › Many El Monte residents fear or dislike spiders. It should be noted, though, that most El Monte spiders are useful because of their predatory role in eating other insects. In most cases, spiders are absolutely harmless to humans. The only harmful El Monte spider that that you may find is the black widow. In most instances, venomous El Monte spiders such as the black widow aren't typically going to be found in residences but if they are it's often the darker rooms and areas; basement, closet, etc.

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