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You're not alone! South Carolina is home to thousands of insects that can find their way into your home or property without warning, but are you protected?. Bug Depot is Veteran and Family owned and operated! We specialize in termite inspections, pest control, mosquito management, rodent control and all other types of pest management. Can you trust us?

Absolutely! We have over 50 years of experience keeping homes and commercial properties bug and pest free! Please feel free to use our simple CONTACT FORM or call us at 803-781-3220 for a FREE ESTIMATE. Pest infestations are more than just unsightly and annoying; in many cases they can impact your health. Don't put yourself or your family at risk when help is available from Bug Depot Termite and Pest Control.

read more › We are a Veteran and Family owned business dedicated to pest control since 1962. With more than 55 years of experience in the industry, we offer the best solutions, prompt service, and reasonable rates for your pest control needs. Our goal as a family, the key to our success, has always been to provide not only a good and reliable service, but also to build a long lasting customer relation based on trust and your satisfaction. Servicing residential properties and commercial establishments in the areas of Columbia, Irmo, Chapin, Shandon, Cayce, Southeast Columbia, Northeast Columbia, Forest Acres, West Cola, Lexington, Prosperity & Blythewood.

read more › If you need pest control in the Columbia, South Carolina area, you know you can always count on the experts at Bug Depot! With over 50 years of experience, our team knows how to help you SOLVE YOUR PEST CONTROL PROBLEMS! You wouldn't be here looking at our website right now if your home was pest or rodent free, would you? Unless of course, you just moved to the area and you're looking for a company to handle your pest control needs proactively. Either way, you've found the right place!

read more › It seems that they are everywhere - at backyard barbecues, pool parties, baseball games and other outside activities - just waiting to ruin outdoor fun. Mosquitoes are terribly annoying pests. These little irritants buzz overhead and deliver itchy and painful bites, often ruining outdoor activities and backyard get togethers. Mosquitoes are dangerous carriers of diseases like West Nile Virus, Encephalitis and Dengue Fever. If you've found your backyard has been overwhelmed by pesky mosquitoes, don't wait, call Bug Depot Termite & Pest Control.

read more › Fleas are a well known nuisance. Once they infest your home or yard, you feel like they're everywhere. Treatment usually needs to be performed by a professional exterminator with professional methods. Over the counter solutions often don't seem to work. Bug Depot Termite & Pest Control offers comprehensive, customized home and yard flea control services. We intend to stop infestations instead of temporarily stemming the problem. Our licensed exterminators will inspect your home and your homes environment to determine the scope of your flea problem.

read more › Roach infestations are basically broken down into two different types. The German Roach and the "Palmetto Bug" or more specifically the smokey brown or american cockroach, yes palmetto bugs are indeed roaches. The treatment for roaches vary wildly. German Roaches are normally inside in kitchens/bathrooms and other water surrounded areas. These Infestations can become severe if left untreated. These are the roaches the "run when you turn the light on" These roaches breed very quickly and can live virtually anywhere.

read more › If you've ever had the misfortune of running across a colony of fire ants, you already know they can be vicious! Known for their venomous stings. Fire ants are known for because there venom is similar to that of a burning sensation. General pest control should keep fire ants out of your home. Fire Ant control usually is performed in the yard and surrounding areas. At Bug Depot Termite and Pest Control we have extensive experience in fire ant control. Depending on your specific situation we can use a variety of different methods; baiting, pesticides or a combination of both.

read more › Nothing seems to be as invasive to a homeowner as a rat or mouse making your home their home. Over the years these pests have become used to humans and we no longer repel rodents like other wild animals do. Rats and mice are very crafty and sometimes very hard to control. Rodents control can be baiting, trapping, outside baiting, and even exclusion techniques. Bug Depot Termite and Pest Control will use its experience to determine which rodent control technique is best suited for your rodent problem.

read more › Moisture Damage often can cause as much damage as termites to a home. This coming from a leak or from excess moisture under your home from improper drainage or ventilation. Exterior wood damage could be from water run off or improper/old caulking. Moisture control can mean vapor barriers, drainage, ventilation or maybe more extreme measures depending on each individual situation. Bug Depot Termite and Pest Control can help you with your moisture problems. Call us today for a free assessment of your needs.

read more › Cate came to Bug Depot in 2014 taking over the front office she quickly became part of the family. She prides herself on getting to know each customer and catering to each of their specific needs. She will be heading back to school full time in January and she will be missed! John joined our team a little over 2 years he has since taken over Sandor's northeast route. John is actually Sandors neighbor! John lives with his wife and youngest child of four.

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