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Swat Pest Management Swat Pest Management, Inc. is an industry-leading pest control company based out of Evansville, Indiana. At Swat Pest, we pride ourselves on treating our staff and customers like members of our family, and because of this philosophy, we have become the trusted resource for dependable and quality service in our community. At Swat Pest, we are committed to providing our customers with highly skilled and State-Certified Technicians.

When you find a pest in your home, we know you want them gone as quickly as possible. We take pride in continuing the knowledge and education for our employees by conducting weekly training meetings, as well as continued training monthly, to stay up to speed with the most current practices to target all pest issues. We are committed to providing our customers with state-certified technicians.

Our licensed and highly qualified technicians have weekly training as well as continued training monthly to stay to speed with the most up to date practices allowing them to target all of your pest issues.

read more › Swat Pest Management Inc. located in Evansville, IN and Owensboro, KY is the Tri-State's best source for pest and insect control, termite inspections, and more. We offer flexible, effective, affordable services for all your needs; inside your home and out. With over 130 years of combined experience, we can show you what real service is all about! We serve a wide area of Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. Our FREE pest control inspection includes a thorough inspection of the problem with a trained field professional, expert advice on the best solutions in the industry, and a written quote.

read more › Ants invade your home through tiny cracks in search of food, leaving behind a long lasting and invisible scent trail for the rest of the colony to follow. Do-it-yourself sprays just kill the ants you see and if you don't find the colony and eliminate the queen they're soon back on the trail. We offer free ant inspections to homeowners throughout the Tri-State area: including: Indiana: Evansville, Newburgh, Mt. Our FREE pest control Inspections in IN, IL, and KY come with a professional inspection of the problem with a trained field professional, one-on-one advice on the best solutions in the industry, and a no-obligation written quote.

read more › Bed Bugs are tiny insects that feed on the blood of humans. Adult bed bugs are reddish brown in color and are 5-7 mm in length. Bed bugs can be found anywhere, but most commonly in areas where people sleep such as bedding, mattresses, and bed frames. In most cases bed bugs are not a sign of unclean or unsanitary environments. Bed bugs can travel on people, suitcases, clothing, and any other portable item. Bed Bugs are most active at night and bite any exposed areas of the skin. A person may not feel the bite as it is happening, but will notice a red bump and experience itching anywhere from a few minutes to days later.

read more › SWAT Pest Management has a termite program for any termite control need. Whether preventing termites in your new home or treating a termite problem in your existing home we can help. Our termite technicians are experienced in the early detection and treatment of Subterranean Termites. Our Termite Manager was recently named a Termidor All-Star Technician by BASF - a leading manufacturer of termite control products. Swat Pest Management team is truly "The Science Behind Pest Control"! Pre-Construction Treatment- This service provides termite control to your new home before you ever move in.

read more › Cockroaches bring problems of all kinds into your home. Aside from having to live with these filthy, disturbing creatures, Agricultural Research Magazine writes that they also bring high levels of pathogenic bacteria and fungi, such as Salmonella, which can easily pass to humans through foods and surfaces they touch and contaminate. They can survive on nearly any food source, including food crumbs, glue, hair, grease, or even other dead cockroaches. If you have a cockroach problem in your home, Swat Pest Management, Inc. can help.

read more › Swat Pest Management offers mosquito control treatment to residential and commercial customers. Our technicians are trained mosquito control professionals who's one goal is to make your yard a place you can enjoy again! Equipped with the highest technology on the market, our technicians in the field get the job done swiftly and thoroughly, leaving a noticeable reduction of biting insects in their wake. Best of all, we guarantee our service and will provide you with a re-treat if you feel less than satisfied with the results.

read more › Our homes create the perfect mix of temperature, sustainability, and protection for all kinds of pests to invade-and spiders are, unfortunately, on this list. Because the Midwest is home to many kinds of spiders like the orb-weaver spiders clinging to your windows and gutters-or the black widow spider-there is a good chance you will run into one of these species at some point. Of course, most of these species frequent the least visited areas of the home like basements, attics, and crawl spaces.

read more › Who you choose for pest control at work makes all the difference in satisfaction and performance. Many of our commercial customers are small family-owned businesses that value the personalized service they get from other family-owned businesses like Swat Pest Management, Inc. Our customers include restaurants, retail stores, commercial warehouses, offices, and schools. We understand that a pest-free environment is essential to your company's reputation, no matter what business you're in. Our commercial pest control services protect your property, employees and customers from year-round pests such as roaches, rodents and houseflies, as well as occasional invaders such as spiders and crickets.

read more › Our most popular pest control treatment is the "Full Quarterly" Treatment. Your assigned technician will contact you each quarter the home is scheduled to be serviced. The interior and exterior of your home will be treated. As always you will receive a phone call to schedule the appointment to set up the best time and day that works best for you when scheduling. Our friendly staff will always work around your schedule to protect the interior and exterior of your most important investment. Treatment of exterior of the home (foundation, windows, doors, downspouts and other conducive areas) for general pest.

read more › Our insulation is environmentally responsible, being comprised of 87% recycled paper and low toxicity borates. It is also the only pest control product with an ENERGY STAR mark and UL Classification. To learn how you can have a more comfortable home that is energy efficient and controls pests, please contact us today. We recently installed our pest control insulation in your neighbor's attic. Why? Because your neighbor wanted to take advantage of pest control insulation, such as protecting their home from pest as well as experiencing lower energy bills, a quieter home, and greater year-round comfort.

read more › Don't see your city listed? Don't worry, this is just a short list of our service area. If you live around these areas we service you as well. Give us a call today! Our Tri-State area is home to five different mosquito types that are of importance to us in pest control. They are from the genera Aedes, Anopheles, .

read more › If you need immediate help, call us today at 812-476-9708. Swat Pest Management provides educational programs to schools, clubs, and civic organizations free of charge. The program includes information about insects, spiders, rodents, and other animals. The interactive presentation also features discussions about stinging insects and dangerous spiders. Our entomologist demonstrates numerous insect collections as well as live insects that can be handled by those "willing". The program is tailored for people of all ages including pre-k to high school seniors.

read more › All information submitted will be held in strict confidence. No phone calls will be made to your current or past employers without your consent. Swat Pest Management, Inc. is a drug-free workplace and will conduct a background check on all employee prospects before hiring. We are an equal-opportunity employer.

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